Seven Films Every High End Audio Enthusiast Should Experience

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High end audio can enhance any listening experience, be it music, podcasts, audio books or films. But because of their immersive, storytelling nature, movies with great sound quality are especially rewarding, especially for those interested in high end audio in Chicago.

If you have a luxury home theater setup to go with your surround sound system, you likely already know what a different great sound can make in any movie watching experience. Even if you have already enjoyed a movie while watching it on a lower quality system, viewing films with surround sound can add a whole new layer of enjoyment. That is especially true for the following seven films:

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey: Stanley Kubrick is known for his visual precision, but in 2001, sound plays an equally crucial role. The inclusion of epic classical tracks like “Also Sprach Zarathustra” heightens the dramatic effects, and hearing them on a quality system will definitely elevate this already bone-chilling film.
  • The Lord of the Rings: All three installments of The Lord of the Rings trilogy are a testament to Peter Jackson’s skill and thoroughness, and that extends to the films’ sound. Hear the epic battles, strange creatures and organic soundscapes like never before when you watch it on your high quality home theater system.
  • Star Wars: The original installment of Star Wars was the first film to ever be recorded in Dolby stereo, which is in and of itself a compelling reason to re-watch it with high end speakers. Beloved, nostalgic sound effects from Jabba the Hutt, lightsaber battles and Yoda are also all great reasons to view the entire film franchise on your high end system.
  • The Dark Knight: This critically acclaimed installment in the Batman franchise does a remarkable job of incorporating both audio and visual elements into a fully immersive viewing experience. That, paired with the now iconic score, makes it a perfect benchmark for testing out your home theater system.
  • Moulin Rouge: Moulin Rouge is a delight for music lovers, thanks to its tapestry of classic popular tunes. Those songs, paired with a combination of wacky, whimsical sound effects, means that watching Moulin Rouge with high quality speakers will make the experience even more fun.
  • Jurassic Park: You do not need to be an expert in high end audio to know why Jurassic Park is a great home theater pick—the dinosaurs’ roars and inventive score pretty much speak for themselves. Share this modern classic with your kids for a night of fun, nostalgia and really great sound.
  • Any Pixar film: Speaking of movies you can watch with your kids, Pixar is best known for creating films with stunning animation and compelling plot lines for folks of all ages. But the studio is also highly respected in the world of high end audio for providing fully immersive, fun and realistic sound effects.

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