October 15, 2019

"Quintessence is THE place to go for your audio needs. Mick is one of the most knowledgeable and personable people I have ever met. I trust him and it is always a pleasure to visit the store. I know that I get the best information and service from Mick and his staff. I wouldn't purchase gear from anywhere else."
March 17, 2017

Very Happy

"My husband and I love Quintessence Audio. We have bought several pieces of equipment from Mick. Mick and his staff always look out for their customers. They help you find the right piece of stereo equipment in your price range. They go out of their way for their customers. I cannot say enough good things about this store."
February 3, 2017


"Wow. What a great afternoon I just spent with Mick at Quintessence Audio on Dempster in Morton Grove.... Don't worry, it's not that far out. It's just a few blocks from Skokie. In fact, it's conveniently located just west of 94 two blocks and on the south side of the street. I drove out there because I had had been to Audio Consultants three times to try to resolve the issue with my rare and wonderful Polysonics audio speakers, as well as Guitarworks in Evanston. No one at either shop seemed very interested in assisting me. The guys at Audio Consultants just wanted me to buy a new system, which I wasn't ready to buy. So I called ahead and spoke with Mick, who was helpful and offered to take a look at my connector for me, to see if he could resolve the issue with my speaker malfunctioning. Not only did he solve my problem quite quickly and not charge me a dime, but he also happily demonstrated his high-end audio speakers to me. I have to say I've never heard better speakers. It truly sounded like the musicians were there with me in the room. They carry many brands, such as Audio Research, Sonus Faber, Clearaudio, Magico, etc. Mick even does a bit of consulting, and can come out to your place and offer suggestions as to how to improve your music listening experience. Old fashioned good customer service. Thank you!"
November 7, 2016

Integrity and Trust

"I purchased equipment from Quintessance and Mick in June 1998. I Continue to solicit opinions and of course continue to purchase equipment from this fine outfit. Mick, the owner, offers straightforward and honest suggestions. He will even suggest listening to equipment from other companies. Quintessance has been my sole source of equipment upgrades for the past two decades. Mick is fair and always available."
July 17, 2016

"I purchased a set of pre-owned Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand speakers in 2008 from Quintessence. Recently, I was on a quest to replace my surround speakers and decided to stop in and see if they had any high end pre-owned speakers I could audition. At the time, they didn't have any pre-owned so I gave a listen to a set of Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 speakers. Both Mick and Patrick were very helpful. I wanted to think about it overnight before I made the plunge. Mick offered the floor model set to me at a discounted price so I wouldn't have to wait a week for them to be shipped. I thought about it overnight and decided they were the perfect speakers so I called Mick the next morning and let him know I would come in later that afternoon to pick them up. I am in awe at how beautifully they were repackaged in the factory boxes for me. What a pleasant shopping experience and I can't get over how much better my system sounds with the Venere 2.5s!"