December 23, 2023 JAMES BISCONTI

December 1, 2023 Wc Lin

"I had a great afternoon here in the Quintessence Audio. Mick and Patrick are super nice and friendly , willing to communicate and answer questions. I had 2 and half hours of stress free listening experience to the Hi Hi End system including Wilson Sasha V Dcs Boulder and transparent. You have to visit this place if you are in the quest for real music"
November 25, 2023 Rt Mattson

"Excellent in store inventory and two demo rooms that bring out the best in all the equipment they offer. This is the place to go in Chicagoland for your high end HiFi needs."
July 25, 2023 Tom Nakamura

"I bought the McIntosh power amplifier. But when I went home and opened the box,I found that there was damage to the amplifier during shipment even though there were no damages on the outer box. I contacted Mick right away, and he immediately ordered a replacement. It is the most reliable store in Chicago area where you can buy expensive amplifiers with confident. Thank you Mick."
June 25, 2023 George Walsh

"Great experience ! Upgraded from a LUMIN T2 to a T3 quickly. Friendly & effective - I’ll definitely look to Quintessence for my next purchase."