July 25, 2023 Tom Nakamura

"I bought the McIntosh power amplifier. But when I went home and opened the box,I found that there was damage to the amplifier during shipment even though there were no damages on the outer box. I contacted Mick right away, and he immediately ordered a replacement. It is the most reliable store in Chicago area where you can buy expensive amplifiers with confident. Thank you Mick."
June 25, 2023 George Walsh

"Great experience ! Upgraded from a LUMIN T2 to a T3 quickly. Friendly & effective - I’ll definitely look to Quintessence for my next purchase."
May 7, 2023 Brian Bradley

"There is no better high end audio store than Quintessence Audio and the owner, Mick, is an absolute legend in the industry. I’ve been a customer of Mick’s for 24 years. There is no better place in the country. It gets better every year. It’s worth flying in if you don’t live close. Music comes to life. Magical experience."
April 27, 2023 michael word

March 30, 2023 mike l

"Great guys. I picked up a DSC Rossini Dac/ Streamer from them. It just arrived today and it’s perfect. I got a great deal and it was packed up properly and shipped quickly to California. I couldn’t be happier with the entire process. Thanks again to the entire team. Highly recommend."