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As we ring in a New Year and reflect on the last I’m reminded of the Charles Dickens Quote “It was the best of times it was the worst of times.” While we became more aware of social distancing, mask wearing, and sacrifices to help insure the health of friends and loved ones, we became more focused on family and home.

Unlike other business that weren’t as fortunate as us, we were, and are, truly blessed that so many of you put your trust in us and want to humbly thank each and every one of our wonderful friends and clients that made 2021 a year we could continue to provide you with the rewards of home entertainment. We wish you all a healthy and prosperous TWO TWO.


New to Quintessence Audio

T+A PA3100HV -integrated amplifier

The HV  series is the finest and most sophisticated range of equipment ever to be developed and produced by  T+A. The initial idea behind the project was to combine scientifically unique design philosophies with the very latest technology and uncompromising manufacturing quality, with the aim of creating Hi-Fi equipment with a single purpose: reproducing music to the highest possible standard of quality. Since its introduction in 2013 the HV  series has stood testimony to our claim of building the world’s supreme High-End devices.


Critical Mass Center Stage 2M

We are very pleased to announce a major revision and replacement to the Center Stage2 audio feet. Each Center Stage2 model has been improved and replaced by Center Stage2M.

Center Stage2M helps components reach their engineered potential in 3 ways. First, they mitigate vibration coming up from the surface below them. Second, they cancel out their own noise. This very difficult accomplishment ensures truth to source material and truth to component engineering design. Third, they transfer entropy out of the component. This feature requires time and is the reason for the extended settling process.

It might be more appropriate to view Center Stage2M as the counterbalance to a destructive energy cycle within your components. Center Stage2M will greatly reduce unwanted damaging energy and permanently hold a more peaceful state of equilibrium. The pleasant surprise is the wonderful sonic envelope that results.

$280-$795 each

ClearAudio’s new Reference Jubilee Turntable

The new Reference Jubilee turntable system marries the best of Clearaudio’s past, present, and future. The boomerang shape echos Clearaudio’s Reference turntable from the 1990s. Materials and technologies including Panzerholz, Ceramic magnet bearing (CMB), and Optical speed control (OSC) mirror today’s strengths. New motor technology, Professional Power 24v outboard linear power supply, and silver internal tonearm wiring with DIN termination forecasts the future of the brand. The Reference Jubilee turntable system retails for $30,000 including Universal 9″ tonearm with silver internal wire and DIN termination, Professional Power 24v linear outboard power supply, Statement record clamp, and Outer Limit peripheral ring clamp.

Clearaudio Upgraded Power Supply

The Professional Power 24V is a high quality transformer-based and stabilized 24 Volt DC power supply. It is designed to fill the gap between the standard power supply that comes with our turntables and our state-of-the-art, auto-charging SMART POWER 24V battery supply. 


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Thank you! – CQ