4 Tricks and Audio Accessories in Chicago to Make Your iPod Sound Its Best

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As any true audiophile knows, it is unrealistic to ever expect your iPod, iPhone or other digital music device to sound as good as a full home setup. However, that does not mean that there are not tricks and audio accessories in Chicago that can elevate your iPod to its best possible sound quality. Whether you want a quality portable sound system, need something to tide you over while your home sound system is being replaced or want to help your less audio-inclined friends get the best sound for the lowest commitment level, you can use these tips and accessories to make the most out of any iPod:

  • Lossless compression: One of the main reasons mp3 and mp4 players don’t sound that great is that the files are too compressed to offer a lot of audible range. Importing your songs from CDs will ensure higher quality, but they will also take up a lot more storage space on your computer or iPod. Fortunately, lossless compression software can make large audio files smaller without taking away any quality. Both Apple and Windows offer lossless options, and they are certainly worth exploring.
  • Headphones: When it comes to headphones, you really do get what you pay for. If having a high quality portable audio experience is worth it to you, then you have no choice but to invest in some really nice headphones from a brand like Bose, HiFiMan or Sennheiser. Once you have your nice headphones, you likely will find they come in handy around the house as well.
  • Headphone amplifiers: One less frequently used but very rewarding iPod audio accessory is the headphone amplifier. Inserting your top quality new headphones directly into an ordinary iPod is a bit like putting truffle oil on a fast food burger—you won’t experience all it has to offer until you pair it with something of equal quality. A headphone amplifier will add fullness to your mp3 files, making for a much more satisfying listening experience.
  • Docks: If you want to listen to your iPod with another person, then headphones just won’t work. This is where iPod docks come in handy. Just as with headphones, the vast majority of docks out there are cheaply manufactured and relatively weak. They’re fine for the casual listener, but not for the serious audiophile. Fortunately, a recent wave of higher quality sound docks with both subwoofers and amps has come into popularity. Check out your source for audio accessories in Chicago to find the best option for you.

As a store that sells high-end audio accessories in Chicago, we know that no serious audiophile can get by with an iPod alone. But as a secondary, more user friendly and portable audio option, the iPod is convenient and relatively high quality. Paired with the right audio files and accessories, your iPod could easily serve as an impressive sound system in its own right. You will find all of those accessories and more at Quintessence Audio LTD.

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