A Price Worth Paying for Ultra High End Audio in Chicago

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The question of “why should I pay a great amount for great audio equipment?” is a legitimate one: a question which the amplifiers, preamps, and loudspeakers are ultimately able to answer for themselves.

Not all luxury items truly deliver the improved experience that their price tag implies, such as Mont Blanc’s $900 fountain pens, for example. On the other hand, a truly stellar Magico Audio Q7’s hefty price tag of $185,000 is earned by the enhanced quality that sets it leagues beyond anything that your local mall’s stereo store could provide. Can the same be said of the Jura IMPRESSA J9 One Touch TFT, the coffee maker that’s running a cool $2,799?

The same goes for any piece of high end audio in Chicago. That pen doesn’t make its ink more inky, that coffee maker doesn’t make its coffee into better coffee, but Pass Lab’s X350.8 high voltage series amplifiers will make your music into better music by delivering more power with lower distortion, and less feedback with fewer stages than competitors: and that’s why it will cost $13,500.

Something that these luxury items have in common, however, is that they are all made with the goal of endurance, of outlasting the mid-level equivalents that are made en masse with cheaper material and less attention to design, ultimately resulting in products that will last a few years and invariably require replacement.

For instance, Magico’s Q7, mentioned above, uses custom Nano-Tec drivers with diaphragms made of the same material used in helicopter blades and a ninety pound baffle, plus a seventy pound interior baffle. By choosing the longer price tag now, you would be preventing a cycle of rinse-and-repeat consumption where you would dump your defunct stereo into the trash before rolling off to replace it with another set that is equally temporary. Instead, pay for the ultra high end audio in Chicago, and gift yourself not only with a superior listening experience, but also equipment that will last decades.

Top of the line sound

To touch back on the idea of top-of-the-line set ups making your music into better music, consider Focal Audio’s Utopia III Grande EM loudspeaker. When the manually adjustable housing is set correctly, and you’re sitting in the sweet spot, the imaging for these speakers is unparalleled.

An orchestra is set before you, your sweet spot the maestro’s podium, and you can point to where the bassoon player would be seated, where the first chair violinist would be fingering his Stradivarius, where the tympanis are thrumming, etc. The decision to invest in quality gives you the opportunity to have concert-realistic experience whenever you desire, and yes, they will cost you $180,000 a pair.

At Quintessence Audio LTD we have committed ourselves to the value of quality ultra high-end audio in Chicago, and if you are interested in likewise committing yourself to that quality in your life, contact us. We’re here to facilitate an opportunity to change your listening into an immersive, concert-realistic experience. Talk to us. We like to listen.

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