The Healing Power of Sound

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Typically, when we think of the healing power of sound, we tend to imagine the mental and emotional catharsis that can come with hearing just the right song at the right moment, or the satisfaction that we can feel simply by listening to the birds chirping outside or the appreciation you can experience when listening to your high end sound system in Chicago.

But, what if sound could have similar healing properties for our bodies, as well as our minds? Modern science is beginning to investigate some new uses for sound in the treatment of physical ailments and the results have been amazing so far.

Ultrasound makes for a speedy recovery

Ultrasound stimulation represents one of the most promising new therapies for individuals suffering from bone fractures. A recent study by German researchers from the University of Ulm and the University Hospital of Marburg indicated that ultrasound stimulation could increase the speed and quality of the healing process for bone fracture patients—by an incredible factor of 34 percent—when compared to a control group, which received standard treatment.

Since ultrasound stimulation is noninvasive and can achieve positive results when used for only 20 minutes a day, it is gaining considerable support from the medical community.

This technology has been incorporated into a revolutionary cast design by industrial designer Deniz Karasahin. The award-winning design couples recent advances in 3D printing technology with ultrasonic stimulation. The snap-together cast features an open mesh construction, which allows the skin to breathe, as well as customizable mounts for ultrasonic probes, which will aid in bone regeneration.

While Karasahin’s design is merely a prototype at this point, it represents one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking advances in cast technology in the past decade.

Sound helps regrow lost or damaged teeth

Ordinarily, if you lose or break a tooth, you basically have to consider it gone. The only options available to you are typically artificial replacements, which are often quite expensive and usually require tedious special care and maintenance. However, thanks to modern advances in ultrasound technology, losing a tooth might not be so permanent anymore.

By using ultrasound modules, which can be applied to the gums for only 20 minutes a day, scientists have been able to successfully regrow teeth in 12 Canadian patients. The nonsurgical procedure can take up to four months to achieve results and requires that the tooth’s original root remain intact. However, this is an incredibly promising leap forward in dental technology, which may someday eliminate the need for expensive procedures like bridgework and dental implants.

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