For Top Quality Hi-Fi, Choose Focal Audio in Chicago

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Navigating the world of high quality audio systems can be a foreign experience for many people who are ready to invest in a new level of high-fidelity audio. From all of the different styles, makes and models of speakers and woofers, to the name brands that manufacture them and the price tags attached, if you’re looking for the best audial experience, you may need a little guidance in finding it.

There are few brands that can garner a worldwide reputation for audial perfection, however there’s one name that’s well known for proving itself time and time again: Focal. And, if you’re looking to find Focal audio in Chicago, your best option is Quintessence Audio LTD, because as well known as this brand is, it’s equally as hard to get ahold of.

Behind the name

What makes Focal a world-class leader in audio systems? The company’s secret lies in the creation of its products. From the initial design, to the fabrication and manufacturing, to the final testing and distribution, Focal is headquartered in France, where it has complete control over all of its products. You won’t find outsourcing, cheap labor or cut corners when it comes to a Focal product: all you’ll get is top tier perfection.

Founded in 1979, Focal has always strived to create the standard for Hi-Fi audio systems. Focal’s “Grande Utopia” is considered to be one of, if not the best, Hi-Fi sound system in the world and since its inception, Focal has become revered as a staple in high end audio. Today, it continues the trend with a wide range of audio products of the same high quality.


Part of what makes Focal products so exceptional is the technology that goes into them. Not settling for the general standards and always seeking to lead the industry, Focal has been responsible for a number of innovations in the high end audio industry since the early 1980s. Some of Focal’s breakthrough ideas include:

  • The Inverted Dome Tweeter (1981): The low directionality and high dynamics of this tweeter technology are still used in Focal products today.
  • The « K2 » Cone (1986): This cone is composed of two layers of aramid fibers, applied to either side of a hollow-micro-ball structure. The technology serves to increase the tolerance between weight rigidity and damping.
  • The Polyglass Cone (1988): The Polyglass cone results in a high linear frequency response curve and serves to improve the definition of midrange tones.
  • The Beryllium Tweeter (2002): The first of its kind in the world, this tweeter has the same mass as traditional tweeters, however it’s seven times more rigid, which provides unparalleled damping qualities.

The above examples are only a fraction of the groundbreaking work that Focal has done in the high end audio industry, showing their resolve to be a leader in sound.

When it comes to combining decades of ingenuity, superior products and exceptional workmanship, there’s a reason that Focal is at the top of the worldwide high end audio list. But remember, if you’re looking to take part in the best audial experience in the world, you’ll have to visit Quintessence Audio LTD to find Focal audio in Chicago!

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