Used Audio Equipment in Chicago, IL

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For over 40 years Quintessence Audio’s has accepted high quality used audio equipment on trade. This is a great way to obtain some of the best audio gear on the market at a fraction of the cost new. On hand, we usually have a good selection of amplifiers and pre-amplifiers both tube and solid state, DAC’s, turntables, speakers, interconnects, speaker cables and power cords, subwoofers, equipment racks and more. Our inventory changes often, so check back if you don’t see what you want.

CD Players

Power Amplifiers

Audio Research GS150

  • $20,000.00
  • $12,250.00

Audio Research Reference 250SE

  • $34,000.00
  • $17,000.00

McIntosh MC300

  • $4,000.00
  • $3,000.00

Pre Amplifiers

Bryston BP6

  • $1,495.00
  • $1,200.00

Bryston BP26MC

  • $7,000.00
  • $3,500.00


Clearaudio Concept with Concept tonearm

  • $1,550.00
  • $1,200.00