March 26, 2022 Carolyn Neuman

"When I woke yesterday to a nasty buzz coming from my 25 year old McIntosh Amplifier I was both sad but grateful that this remarkable piece of equipment enriched our lives with joyous music for all of this time! Now the work began quickly finding a replacement. After researching some authorized dealers in the area a phone call to John began the ball rolling to an enormously positive experience! With finding equipment in stock a dream of the past and the amplifier I wanted on a 6 month backorder John offered up his floor model at a very fair price. I type this review thoroughly enjoying the music that John and Mick have brought back into my life and can highly recommend their compassionate and knowledgable service!"
March 9, 2022 Brandon Warren

"Some amazing products that’ll blow you away!"
February 25, 2022 Jeff Geryol

"Look no further than Quintessence Audio when building a highly satisfying stereo system! Quintessence Audio has outstanding components from which to choose and fabulous listening rooms. With so much amazing audio equipment available, it’s impossible to personally audition everything on the market. That’s where Mick, John and Patrick prove to be extremely helpful with their knowledge and expert advice. I highly recommend Quintessence Audio. "
October 10, 2021 Owen Youngman

"A good old fashioned, high-quality hi-fi store."
July 3, 2021 Prashant Vallury

"This place is heaven for those who love audio. And the folks working and running this shop couldn't be friendlier, more giving with their time and knowledge, and easier to work with. I came in to get a repair quote on a Focal speaker which inexplicably stopped working and before they quoted me, they popped it open, ran a few tests, and decided to try a few more things before giving me bad news. That extra effort revealed the problem to be something really minor, that they fixed for free, with a smile on their face. These guys have my business from here on out!"