Clearaudio Concept MC

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Clearaudio is famous for their moving coil cartridges with their first patents and models developed in the 1970s by Peter Suchy. When developing their Concept turntable circa 2010, the goal was to create a high performance and high value MC that could be factory installed on the Concept tonearm with its magnetic bearing. The Concept MC fulfilled this with a cartridge that embodies the sonic ethos of Clearaudio.

The Concept MC uses independent coils in a V configuration, similar to the separate symmetrical coil design used today in all Clearaudio MCs starting with the Talismann v2. Clearaudio was a pioneer in the use of boron cantilevers and fine line styli, and the Concept MC uses a both to assure excellent trackability and resolution. Its MC generator uses dual high quality copper windings for an output of .4mV and an internal resistance of 11 ohms, allowing use with many high gain phono stages including our nano v2 and Smart v2.

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 7 cm

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