The Analog vs. Digital Sound Debate

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The debate between analog sound vs. digital sound used to be simple. Digital was more convenient, but analog sounded better. There was no way to argue against either point, and you either placed more importance on audio quality or ease of use. But these days, the lines are getting more and more blurred between both audio quality and ease of use for home audio equipment in Chicago, IL.

Thanks to improvements in technology, there may no longer be an obvious “best” choice for high end audio systems. Here’s some information about both analog and digital audio systems to help you decide what’s right for you, your needs and your space.


High end audio systems in Chicago, IL will often use analog components with the goal of creating the most accurate representation of recorded sound. In these systems, the recorded media of vinyl or tape is run through analog amplification equipment to a set of speakers. These amps often use tube preamps for a “warm” sound, which is a hallmark of analog audio quality.

Analog sound has the benefit of being uncompressed, unlike digital formats like MP3s or streaming audio. No matter how good your sound system may be, if you’re streaming music from Spotify or listening to even the highest quality MP3s, you’re going to be hearing compressed audio that is nowhere close to as rich and spacious as analog media.

On the flip side, analog media can be a little fussy. If your turntable isn’t adjusted properly, you may not be hearing the music as it was originally recorded. In addition to this, if the media is damaged by scratches, dirt, mold or other issues, this will be audible and will compromise the audio quality.


With digital audio systems, there is no need to worry about the media being damaged. As long as your electronic equipment is solid, the media will play as intended. What is playing, however, may not be as sweet sounding as it would be on an analog system with analog media.

As mentioned, MP3 and (most) streaming audio is vastly inferior to analog media. Even CDs will sound a bit different on a high-end audio system. But technology is pushing digital audio through that uncanny valley of audio to become indistinguishable in terms of accuracy of sound reproduction. While a vinyl record may sound warmer and more alive in general, a 24-bit, 96-kHz audio file recreates an analog waveform with such precision that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to tell it apart from an analog source.

One of the intangible benefits of listening to analog media, however, is its tangible presence. There’s nothing quite like putting on a record and setting the sleeve up to show what’s playing, and that is absent in a digital listening experience.

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