What to Look for in a High-End Turntable

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When you’re looking for high-end turntables in Chicago, IL, try closing your eyes first. It can be easy to get caught up in reading specs about a turntable and forget that it’s ultimately about the sound.

The sound

Because sound quality is ultimately the most important thing to consider in a high-end turntable in Chicago, IL, here are a few important aspects to look for to maximize your listening experience:

  • Vibration reduction: A turntable with a dense, heavy platter and plinth and sturdy feet and base is going to result in less vibration being picked up through the needle. That results in a cleaner, more accurate sound. A lightweight tonearm and a motor that is located far from the platter will also help reduce internal vibration.
  • Cartridge: This is where the needle is housed, and that’s what determines how much audio signal you will receive from the grooves of a record. Look for a cartridge rated beyond the range of human hearing (20 Hz to 20,000Hz) to make sure you will feel all that the music has to offer.
  • Preamp: Some turntables offer a built-in preamp, but many rely on the user having a customized home audio system with a separate preamp. Make sure to choose the right option for your home audio system.


Let’s be real here: looks matter. Yes, the sound you get from a turntable is the most important thing about it, and nobody should be arguing otherwise. But you shouldn’t discount the importance of aesthetics. After all, as they say in the world of fine dining, “The first bite is with the eye.”

No matter how much we love listening to music on vinyl, odds are we’re going to spend more time at home with the turntable off than with it on. And when it’s off, it’s still visible. In fact, it’s probably going to be a highly visible part of your audio system. And the more you like the way it looks, the more you’re going to want to use it. Fortunately, there are many different design styles to choose from that can go with many different visual aesthetics and still sound fantastic.

Personal choice

No matter what the specs say, you need to choose a turntable that sounds good to you in your system. In the end, which high-end turntable is best for you depends on your personal style. Don’t be afraid to choose what speaks to you, even if it’s a bit unconventional. Your listening experience will be enhanced by knowing that your home audio system is personalized to your unique needs and preferences. It can help to test any turntable with familiar recordings to see how the sound comes across.

When you’re looking for the best home audio experience, it’s best to hear and see the products in person to know if they will be a good fit for your space. Your best choice for local audio dealers in Chicago, IL is Quintessence Audio LTD. Visit us today to hear the difference!

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