Transparent Ultra Headphone Cable

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Listening to music through your headphones is a transformative experience, as long as you can do it without excessive noise. High-end headphone cables, like the Transparent Ultra headphone cable in Chicago, IL, can deliver the music to your ears free of noise and interference. This results in a more complex, dynamic audio experience. Read on to learn about this high-quality cable and the benefits it offers the true audiophile.

What it does

As you may know, there’s a debate in the audiophile community about whether high-end cables make a difference. In our years of experience, we’ve come to believe they do—which is why the Transparent Ultra headphone cable offers such a unique experience. The better quality your cables are, the better able they are to deliver rich, complex sound. Transparent uses the best quality wires and materials to make that happen.

The Transparent Ultra headphone cable reduces noise, controls the signal resonance and optimizes the audio performance. In fact, it’s engineered to give the best results for each specific cable length.

Ultra headphone cables have been tested extensively in Chicago, IL to ensure a great experience. Each cable is developed for headphone signal characteristics, as opposed to other types of signals and audio equipment. They use dual-isolated channels to reduce mechanical and electric noise—even the cable itself is designed with a flexible, soft fabric sleeve for superior results.

The Ultra headphone cable is actually a set. Each headphone cable comes with a detachable headphone lead and your connector of choice. If the standard options aren’t right for you, you should be able to find other leads and connector options. This reduces the need to switch out cables for different headphones. If you have a collection of amplifiers, you can purchase a changeable amplifier end to accommodate each one, rather than buying new cables for each.


When choosing your headphone cable, you’ll have a few options:

  • Headphone terminations: Transparent offers five different headphone termination types. Choose between Sennheiser HD800, Sennheiser HD600, Audeze LCD, 3.5 mm and Focal Utopia. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, talk to the Quintessence Audio Ltd. team for more information.
  • Source terminations: You can choose between a single-ended quarter-inch plug or a balanced four-pin XLR.
  • Length: The Ultra headphone cable comes in three different lengths: six, 10 and 20 feet long. Again, each cable is specifically designed for best results with that length, so you get a completely customized, high-end audio experience.

When building your audio equipment collection, getting the right cables can seriously enhance your listening experience. Be sure to stop by Quintessence Audio Ltd. to check out our supply of high-end cables and equipment. We’re an authorized Transparent dealer, and can match you with the right tools for your ultimate enjoyment.

To learn more about analog headphone cables, head to your local audio dealer in Chicago, IL. Quintessence Audio Ltd. carries Transparent products, along with a number of other high-quality brands. Call or stop by today to get your own.

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