The Sonic Warmth of Audio Research’s VT80 SE Stereo Amplifier

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There are amplifiers, and then there are amplifiers. The Audio Research VT80 SE Stereo Amplifier is the latter. From the second you lay eyes on it, to the moment the sound running through it hits your ears, to the lingering afterglow of sonic warmth coursing through your body after you’ve finished listening, this amplifier makes music feel like cashmere for your ears.

What makes the Audio Research VT80 SE Stereo Amplifier such a special piece of audio equipment? Here are some details that might get you running out to your local audio dealer in Chicago, IL to add this to your home system as soon as possible.

The look

As they say in fine dining, “The first bite is with the eye.” This can also be said of the home audio world, and this Audio Research amp does not disappoint.

The sleek design of this amplifier fits in with Audio Research’s minimalist aesthetic. Its chassis comes in a light-colored brushed aluminum or black brushed metal look. Each style has a glossy black faceplate on the front flanked by rack handles on each side, with a single, medium-sized knob in the bottom center.

What’s really eye-catching here, though, are the four pod-shaped tubes on the top of the unit. While there is a breathable protective metal cover available for the top of the unit, the “naked” look of the amp is so stunning you might want to forgo the cover all together. But these tubes are for more than just looks—they’re an upgrade over previous models and a big key to the real reason you want this amp.

The sound

This amp offers 75 watts of continuous power per channel at 20Hz to 20kHz with total harmonic distortion typically 1 percent at 75 watts and 0.05 percent at 1 watt. The frequency response is an incredible 0.7 Hz to 80kHz with 1.4V RMS BAL input sensitivity. These are impressive numbers, to be sure, but the most impressive thing about this amp is the upgraded tubes.

The big change in the VT80 SE from the VT80 is the upgrade from KT120 tubes to Audio Research’s now-standard KT150 output tubes. Simply put, these tubes offer more: more lifespan, more protection and more music in your ears.

The KT150 tubes offer an average lifespan of 3,000 hours. For quality control, they are burned-in for 48 hours before leaving the factory, and hand-matched in sets with tolerances much higher than standard tubes. Protective fuses are included on the VT80 SE for each of the four tubes and can be independently replaced if necessary.

The result of all this research and care is a better sonic experience. It allows for more clarity in your music, more tonal color, higher highs and lower lows, more definition in dynamics and a bigger, more robust sound.

If you’re ready to hear the Audio Research VT80 SE Stereo Amplifier for yourself, contact Quintessence Audio Ltd., your local audio dealer in Chicago, IL, to set up a test listen today.

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