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There are few things more disappointing than setting up your brand-new audio equipment, putting on your favorite music or other media and hearing a buzzing, whining noise. Before you conclude it’s defective, try a power isolator. They’re designed to eliminate electrical noise that comes with using your audio equipment and other major appliances at the same time.

The Opus PowerIsolator from Transparent Audio is the best of the best: you’ll get pristine sound in your Chicago, IL home. Skip the buzzing and whining forever and enjoy your media the way it was meant to be heard.

What makes the Opus PowerIsolator different

Power isolators can reduce some noise, but there’s often an annoying tradeoff: they can change the phase of the power signal and may restrict the instantaneous current. The Opus PowerIsolator is different. Here are the advantages of this high-quality piece of equipment:

  • No current restriction: The new PowerIsolator uses Transparent Generation 5 Power Conditioning Filter Technology, which delivers limitless current to your devices. This is accomplished with two grounded, surge-protected AC power outlets designed to handle a high current.
  • Ideal power factor correction: Instead of changing the power phase and restricting current, the PowerIsolator is designed to automatically correct the power so you get rich, noise-free audio.
  • Designed to block vibrations: Even the design is engineered to give you the best possible sound. The PowerIsolator’s “epoxy-loaded, fully damped carbon-fiber carapace” and isolation feet are meant to reduce vibrations on both hard and soft surfaces. They also allow the electromagnetic fields to expand. Opus accomplishes this with the PowerIsolator’s low-profile body, which has a lower center of gravity. This allows any excess energy to dissipate away from the filter circuitry.
  • 20-amp IEC Opus power cord: The PowerIsolator works best with the included 20-amp IEC power cord, which helps the PowerIsolator deliver high power with minimal noise.
  • Designed to deliver complex, rich sound: Opus knows how important sound is. Your PowerIsolator will make it possible to enjoy your favorite music and media without electrical interference. It’s a must for any audiophile, particularly if you have trouble with excessive electrical noise.

About Transparent and Opus

Transparent is a high-end cable manufacturer whose products are designed to give you the most seamless experience possible. In addition to the Opus PowerIsolator, Transparent produces power, HDMI, USB, ethernet, interconnect cables and more. Their attention to quality and design makes them one of the audio world’s most coveted brands. They believe that every cable—even in modest systems—needs to serve a specific function and help the components operate as a cohesive whole. That’s why audiophiles spend tens of thousands of dollars on their products: they’re guaranteed to deliver an audio experience unlike any other. It’ll sound as if you have the original artists playing in your living room.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Transparent Audio Opus PowerIsolator, stop by your local audio dealer in Chicago, IL. Quintessence Audio Ltd. specializes in high-end audio equipment that will deliver the best possible sound. Call or visit us today to learn more.

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