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The team at Quintessence Audio Ltd. prides ourselves on offering the highest quality sound equipment money can buy, which is why we’re excited to announce that we now carry Boulder amplifiers and pre-amplifiers in Chicago, IL. If you’re looking for great sound and beautiful interfaces, Boulder’s home audio systems are sure to delight.

Introducing Boulder

Boulder started out as a professional audio equipment company that eventually transitioned to home audio. They have over 35 years of experience making their amplifiers and pre-amplifiers in-house. From design and manufacturing to assembly, their independent control over their products makes them one of the world’s most superior brands. In fact, they originally bought their own machining and manufacturing equipment because they couldn’t find the quality they needed anywhere else. That dedication to quality is why audiophiles love the brand.

Boulder’s goal is to make long-lasting audio equipment that truly highlights original recordings. Whether you’re playing vinyl records or streaming from the internet, your Boulder equipment will bring out the best in audio quality. After all, their original professional equipment was used in recording studios and broadcasting—in fact, their made-to-last equipment is still in use across the world today.

Our Boulder products

If you’re interested in investing in the best sound money can buy, Boulder is one of the best brands around. Check out these options:

  • 866 integrated amplifier: The 866 integrated amplifier is Boulder’s newest offering, which comes in all-analog or digital and analog versions. It’s controlled by a sloping touchscreen, but you can also adjust it from the Boulder app. It’s designed to be lighter weight and attractive, while still producing the incredible sound that Boulder products are known for. You can get up to 1000W of sound from this amplifier, depending on your OHMS settings.
  • 1110/1160 pre-amp and amp: The 1110 pre-amp features a sleek, compact design, with five pairs of programmable and differentially balanced outputs. Each input can be integrated with home theater systems, home automation systems and more. It has an embedded ARM processor with controls that allow you to control all the functions and setup options easily. Meanwhile, the 1160 amplifier offers 300W of output power, a new circuit system that reduces distortion, automatic connection to other Boulder products and dual power controls. You’ll also love the thermal management system, which keeps the temperature at a safe level.
  • 2110/2160 pre-amp and amp: The 2110 pre-amp is Boulder’s most famous product. It features four different chassis to reduce control noise, six pairs of programmable inputs, three independent power supplies and programmable auxiliary outputs. The 2160 stereo amplifier is an upgrade from the 2060 model—it offers 600W per channel, two pairs of speaker connections per channel and is manufactured to reduce distortion and noise.

If you’re interested in upgrading your audio equipment and live near Chicago, IL, Boulder’s pre-amps and amps have to be heard to be believed. Quintessence Audio Ltd. would be happy to demonstrate their superior quality—call or stop by today for a demonstration and to get recommendations from our experts.

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