The Boulder 866 Integrated Amplifier

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If you’re a true audiophile, you’ll need an amplifier that brings out the best in your music, movies and entertainment. The Boulder 866 integrated amplifier is now available in Chicago, IL, and improves upon the success of their 2007 865 model. The 866 is sleeker, lighter, features an integrated touchscreen interface and, of course, produces high-quality sound. When audio is important to you, the Boulder 866 is the perfect addition to your equipment.

Read on to learn more about the Boulder 866 and why you’ll love it.

Specifications and features

The Boulder 866 comes in either an all-analog or an analog and digital version. Analog inputs include three pairs of balanced analog via their three-pin XLR, while the digital and analog version also includes ethernet, four USB ports, AES3 (adaptable to S/PDIF), TOSLINK (optical) and wi-fi capabilities. It offers continuous 200W power and 250W peak power at 8 OHMS, and 400W continuous and 450W peak power at 4 OHMS. If you use 2 OHMS, it’ll go up to 700W. The power consumption tops out at 1000V, and it requires a 100, 120 or 240V power connection.

What makes the Boulder 866 different?

  • Spectacular sound: Obviously, the best part about the Boulder 866 integrated amplifier is the sound it produces. Critics hail it as exceptional, producing sound the way it’s meant to be heard. Whether you choose an analog or digital source, you’ll experience the music in a whole new way. It has excellent control over the bass, and avoids clipping or distortion. When it comes to sound, it’s the next best thing to having the artists play in your living room.
  • Choose between all-analog or analog and digital: Depending on the rest of your sound equipment, you can choose between a purely analog amplifier or one with digital input. That makes it easy to hook your amplifier up to USB drives, your wi-fi, ethernet and more.
  • Full color, sloping touchscreen: Older audio equipment avoided sloping faces because they were designed to be stacked. The Boulder 866 model’s sloping touchscreen face makes it easier to see and use—you won’t need to crouch down to read what’s on the screen.
  • Control with an app: With advances in technology, it should come as no surprise that there’s an app for this. You can control your Boulder 866 from your phone—no need to get up. You can even add photos of your inputs to make adjustments easier.
  • Better protection circuitry: When you want to indulge in the maximum output, the improved protection circuitry allows you to do so without risking damage.
  • Lighter weight and more efficient construction: The Boulder 866 was designed to be lighter than the 865. It weighs 54 pounds, at 17 inches wide, 15.4 inches deep and 7.25 inches high.

When you’re ready to take your sound to the next level, Boulder amplifiers in Chicago, IL are the way to go. Stop by Quintessence Audio Ltd. to learn more about the Boulder 866 and check out the rest of our selection of high-end audio gear.

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