The New Audio Research Preamp Is Here!

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Audio Research has been one of the most trusted names in high-quality, high-definition audio for many years, and its brand-new preamp is now available to listeners here in Chicago!

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from this high-quality piece of equipment.

New Audio Research preamp available for purchase!

The brand-new LS28SE line stage is highly versatile and intuitive. It features four single-ended and four balanced inputs, as well as two sets of balanced and single-ended outputs, providing you with the utmost connectivity for your devices. A simple, easy-to-use menu provides you with control over a variety of parameters, such as tube hours, input naming, audio shutdown and home theater passthrough. Plus, you get phase invert and mono as standard functions. Within the LS28SE are four 6H30 vacuum tubes located in the analog circuit.

This piece of equipment matches perfectly with any of the wide range of Audio Research amplifiers the company has developed, and will also match up with just about any kind of amplifier you’re able to find on the market today.

The improvements made in this newest model arose from Audio Research’s Reference 160-series amplifiers. These were highly similar to some of the wire and parts changes that were incorporated in some of that series’ equipment, but this preamp also includes upgrades to the same gold coupling caps used in the REF6SE. These component upgrades, which were costly but much needed, bring the performance of the LS28SE to a new, elevated standard of quality. This includes outstanding clarity and resolution, better transient snap, a greater sense of space and a much more relaxed purity of sound, all of which are instantly noticeable even for non-audiophiles who hear the sound for the first time. You’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away from your listening sessions, because the immersion and quality is so fantastic.

There’s a reason why Audio Research is so highly trusted for its sound equipment—high definition is its constant guiding principle and motivation. This latest Foundation Series of preamps showcases that passion for outstanding audio more than ever, and will continue to provide listeners with the incredible playback, value and long-term quality they have come to expect from the brand.

For a full list of specifications for the product, including what you can expect with regard to frequency response, controls, power requirements, dynamic range, crosstalk, gain and general dimensions, we encourage you to check out the preamp’s product page on the Audio Research website.

Interested in learning more about Audio Research equipment and why we so strongly recommend it for use in your home? We encourage you to contact Quintessence Audio Ltd. Our team of audio experts would be happy to help guide you through the exciting process of choosing a high-def preamplifier. With more than four decades of experience serving Chicago listeners, we bring considerable knowledge and expertise to every customer interaction, and look forward to helping you find the right equipment for your needs and preferences. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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