What to Know About the Wilson Audio SabrinaX Speakers

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In the audiophile community, Wilson Audio is one name that stands above the competition when it comes to high-end speakers. Since 1974, when it was co-founded by husband-and-wife team David and Sheryl Lee Wilson, the upscale speaker company has become synonymous with ear-pleasing quality.

Of course, those fans of high-fidelity music have to pay for the entry point. When Wilson Audio began selling its splendid speakers, the least expensive model cost around $1,600 (that’s about $8,500 in today’s money). Today, the least expensive set of speakers offered by Wilson Audio costs a little shy of $10,000.

To the uninitiated, that may sound pricy, but to those people who have heard the world through a set of Wilson speakers, the point of entry is worth every penny.

Enter the SabrinaX—the new speakers by Wilson Audio. Though just a few months old, the SabrinaX is already making waves in Chicago.

What is the SabrinaX?

A few years ago, the Sabrina compact floor speaker grabbed plenty of attention with its innovative design and unparalleled sound quality. SabrinaX is more than just an updated take on the Sabrina speakers—it takes the prior model and raises the bar to a whole new level. A bold new shape and a variety of unique color options are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this one-of-a-kind audio treat.

Construction all its own

One of the reasons that Wilson Audio products are so highly prized in the audiophile community is their unique construction process. Wilson speakers are some of the most rigid in the industry. Using non-wood materials like epoxy and resin composites allows for unmatched sound quality. The SabrinaX continues this tradition with X-Material, the company’s time-tested construction material. X-Material is prized for its inertness, its dampening and its hardness.

Something brand new

The team at Wilson Audio understood that simply adding an “X” to the end of their beloved Sabrina speakers wouldn’t be enough for Chicago listeners. That’s why they took the opportunity to make the new speakers by Wilson Audio something special. By incorporating an adjusted version of the company’s proprietary AudioCapX, the new SabrinaX allows for more detail and resolution in the audio delivery.

Get help from the experts

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