Floor-Standing Speakers vs. Smaller Speakers

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Building first-rate home speaker systems in Chicago is an art. Anyone can purchase a big TV with great resolution—just walk into a store and point at the one you like best. Where the real talent comes in is picking the right audio setup to complement your viewing or listening experience. When you’re thinking about your home AV setup, you will inevitably be forced to choose between two primary options: floor-standing speakers or smaller bookshelf speakers.

If you’re having trouble deciding which is right for you, here are some factors to consider.

Sound quality

Though significant advances have been made in sound technology over the last decade, the general rule of thumb is that floor-standing speakers in Chicago offer better sound quality overall. They provide a full range of sound for the listener, which can be critical for those people who spend a lot of time listening to music, which tends to make better use of audio range than typical film and television.


As you might expect, the larger the speaker, the more expensive it tends to be. As such, floor-standing speakers tend to be on the pricier side. Some high-end bookshelf speakers can supplement home speaker systems in Chicago, but more often than not, if you opt to outfit your home with floor speakers, you will likely end up paying a higher price than if you opt for strictly bookshelf speakers.


For those people who want to improve their audio experience without placing large, potentially cumbersome speakers throughout the room, smaller bookshelf speakers are a subtle addition to any space. True to their name, smaller speakers tend to fit neatly on bookshelves or inside cabinets. The catch here is that listeners often have to move their bookshelf speakers out into the room (and even put them on stands) to get the best sound quality.

Do you really have to choose?

A true audiophile may not want to make a black-and-white choice between floor-standing and bookshelf speakers. Some of the best home speaker systems make great use of a combination of both. If you have the room and the budget, you should consider working with a home audio professional to find the perfect arrangement of speakers for your space.

Trust the best

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