The Benefits of Clamps for Record Players

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Record players and vinyl have seen a real resurgence in recent years for a variety of reasons. As digital media has become more and more popular, some people have experienced more of a desire to have physical copies of their art. Others prefer what they feel is a distinctive sound made by vinyl, as opposed to the sound they’re able to get from computers, phones or even a decent CD player.

One thing is for sure: the world of record players has some technological requirements all its own. There are a number of gadgets used by vinyl audiophiles that can aid in performance—one thing we recommend wholeheartedly is that our customers look into purchasing a record clamp in Chicago, IL.

What is a clamp?

When you play a vinyl record, you are subject to a number of variables. The appearance and age of the record, for example, can affect the stability and security of the record as it spins, which will in turn affect its performance and sound quality. Record accessories in Chicago, IL that can increase this stability are therefore a sound investment to make in your record player, and clamps are one such accessory. A record clamp functions by simply adding additional force to a record. This force has the intended effect of improving contact between the disc and the platter, which usually ensures a smoother sound.

What are other benefits of using a record clamp?

Using a record clamp in Chicago, IL has also been proven to help bring warped records back to life. Because the clamp’s specialty is increasing the contact between the components of the players and the disc, this means that a warped record can be made usable once again. Using a weighted clamp in Chicago, IL also means you’re improving the overall quality of the sound made by the record and the player. Keeping vibrations away from the player’s stylus is the name of the game, since each bump can cause a change in the quality of the audio. If you can tightly secure the record to the platter, you’re all the more likely to avoid these annoying disruptions.

Weights vs. clamps: What you should know

A record clamp in Chicago, IL is one option to keep discs securely spinning, while another choice that customers at Quintessence Audio LTD frequently ask about is a weight, which operates on the same principle but uses mass instead of force. If you ask 10 different record users about weights versus clamps, you’ll likely get 10 different answers—be sure to stop by to get our perspective and to check out our selection of accessories. Shop our clamps today and see what accessory could best fit your listening habits!

If you’re in the market for audio accessories that can help your vinyl reach its full potential, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been in the business for over 40 years, serving customers all over our area, and we’d love to earn your business, too. Come see us today!

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