Working from Home? Maybe You’ve Noticed Your Audio Equipment Is Not What It Could Be

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More Americans than ever are working from home these days, both in general and because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has shifted a lot of workers to temporary remote work arrangements. Along with learning to balance work with home duties, childcare and more, working from home means we are spending a lot more time using our own electronics and audio equipment—and with that increased exposure, many people are noticing that their home audio equipment is not as great as it could be.

Now more than ever, it’s important to be able to enjoy our entertainment options to the max, so here are some tips to improve your home’s sound system quality. And of course, if you’re interested in new equipment, contact your local home audio installer in Chicago at Quintessence Audio LTD:

  • Get a great pair of headphones: Sometimes the easiest thing to improve your listening experience is to get a great pair of high-end headphones. This will also help you determine whether low-quality sound is due to your devices or your speakers themselves.
  • Check your receiver quality: See if your receiver offers a “pure” or “direct” option. These work by cutting off unused parts of the circuitry to provide the cleanest and easiest sound signal path.
  • Make sure your wires are connected: Next, go through the equipment you have and make sure that it’s connected properly—wires or cables may have come loose over time (this is especially possible if you have curious pets or small children), which interferes with your sound system’s ability to send signals.
  • Try a digital-to-analog converter: Your computer and smart devices already have a digital-to-analog converter built into them—and for most people and applications, that will work just fine. However, if you need better quality, consider investing in an outboard DAC.
  • Check your streaming and computer quality: Your computer and streaming services might be limiting your sound quality, so be sure to go into settings for both and ensure that you have the highest possible bitrate.
  • Make a “listening room”: Sometimes we just have to move our sound equipment into another room to get the best out of it—stereo systems don’t always work well with open floor plans, which are popular today.
  • Evaluate your acoustics and speaker placement: Finally, you probably already know how important speaker placement and acoustics are for getting the best kind of sound. Research how to place your speakers and experiment until you get the right combination for your specific space and sound system equipment.

Work with a trusted home audio installer in Chicago

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