Get Ready for Spring: Add Outdoor Home Audio Systems

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Spring has arrived, which means summer isn’t going to be too far behind it. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys entertaining at your home and spending time outside grilling or otherwise sharing time with friends and family, there are a variety of projects you can take on to bring your outdoor entertaining spaces to the next level, one of which is adding outdoor home audio equipment in Chicago.

High-quality outdoor speakers and televisions allow you to bring the party completely outdoors so you can have full enjoyment of the beautiful summer weather while also setting the right mood for your party and keeping your guests entertained. Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about outdoor AV equipment.

Outdoor speakers

You should know that indoor and outdoor speakers are not the same thing. Outdoor speakers have been designed not only to be able to stand up to the elements, but even more importantly, to give you higher quality sound in a much more open area.

Outdoor speakers are generally designed to either be mounted on your home’s exterior or placed somewhere in your landscape. Most high-quality models of mounted speakers are designed with UV-resistant enclosures and rust-proof grilles, ensuring your speakers will be durable enough to withstand constant exposure to the outdoors without the electronic portions of the speakers sustaining any damage. If you use landscape speakers, you can find ways for them to blend in with your landscape, meaning they’ll either have a natural stone finish, or you’ll be able to camouflage them among rocks or plants.

You should never bring indoor speakers outdoors—they’re not designed to handle the elements, and they won’t give you nearly the level of volume or sound quality they provide inside, because those speakers are usually designed for enclosed spaces where the sound will be able to bounce around. Even portable Bluetooth speakers won’t give you the best results, because they probably don’t have the power to give you sufficient outdoor volume.

Outdoor televisions

With televisions, it is also important to note that outdoor models are not the same as indoor models. You’ll need to account for the adverse weather these televisions could face, and the glare from the sun will require the screens to be extra bright. You’ll find a variety of televisions that have been designed to stand up to extreme temperatures, and also have casing that prevents insects and pests from getting inside.

You’ll want to consider where you’re placing the TV before you make your purchase, as most outdoor TV manufacturers will have a wide range of TVs for specific outdoor situations. Perhaps you’re going to use it in a fully shaded area, like a sunroom or covered patio/porch. Otherwise, you’ll need different options if you know the television is going to be in the sun at least occasionally. If the television will be placed near a pool, you’re going to want one that has been designed with splash protection.

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