Why High-End Stereo Equipment in Chicago Is Still the Right Choice for You

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In a world that’s gone digital, there’s still plenty of room for high-end audio systems in Chicago as well. Even disc jockeys are still spinning records and manipulating turntables—while their great sound is partially a product of their skill, it also is a result of the high-quality stereo equipment they’re able to rely on.

The big question that many people who aren’t as immersed in the audio world often have is whether there’s a big enough difference in high-end and midrange stereo equipment to justify the significant difference in prices. This is a fair question—you’re going to want to know that what you’re putting your money into is actually worth the investment. But ultimately, this will depend in large part on your own personal preference and needs.

What makes for a “high-end” system?

The term “high end” in itself is quite subjective when it comes to audio. It’s all relative, really—you can essentially take “high end” to mean “more than what you’d usually spend” on audio equipment. So, in considering what makes for a high-end system and what kind of system is the best choice for you, you need to start by considering what you’d normally spend, and what your idea of luxury is.

In general, you can assume the more expensive audio products will be built better than some of the cheaper products you’ll find on the market. Inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean poorly built, but more expensive equipment is more likely to better constructed and more uniquely designed.

What’s more important to consider is sound quality. The whole purpose of selecting high-quality audio gear is so you can hear the sound and the music exactly as intended by the artists. The closer a speaker sounds to real life, the more people are going to appreciate it, and this is what separates high-end audio systems from budget audio systems. The lower-end systems tend to sound inaccurate or artificial.

With higher-quality systems, you’ll want a bass that provides crisp, low notes with clear definition. A hallmark of lower-quality systems is a very muffled, messy sort of thumping noise with the bass. You have a higher-quality system on your hands if the bass cuts through just as neatly and clearly as the treble.

Speaking of the treble, the sound shouldn’t make you cringe—it should be smooth and clear, pleasant to listen to. The same is true with the midrange. You should be able to hear the voices clearly and distinctly, and should be able to pick out all of the instruments playing in a band. There is a balance to high-quality systems that doesn’t exist in some of the budget systems. More distortion leads to a lower-quality experience.

There are plenty of reasons why people still rely on high-end audio systems in Chicago, even when it comes to analog systems. For more information about our selection of gear, we encourage you to contact the experts at Quintessence Audio LTD today. We look forward to helping you find the right high-end audio equipment for your needs!

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