High-Resolution Audio: Everything You Need to Know

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If you visit a home audio store in Chicago, you’ll probably be amazed at the incredible technology available. Thanks to high-resolution audio, consumers are enjoying listening experiences like never before. Are you?

If you aren’t yet familiar with high-resolution audio, here’s some info that will take you beyond the basics and help you understand this modern, detailed sound format.

The simple definition

High-resolution (or hi-res) audio offers more detailed sound than other types of files. This is because it captures more of the nuances of the original recording, so you can hear detailed sounds during playback, such as fingers on a keyboard or a singer taking a breath.

The geek-out definition

Why can you hear the details so well with hi-res files? It’s because they have a higher sampling frequency. This means the signal is captured more times per second when the audio is converted from analog to digital. The higher the frequency, the better the sound. For example, a CD offers 16bit/44.1kHz frequency, while a hi-res audio file is usually 24bit and either 96kHz or 192kHz.

The equipment

Because these files contain more information than compressed audio files, hi-res audio requires greater bandwidth for listening. However, many devices can accommodate this high-level musical experience:

  • Smartphones: Certain Android models support hi-res playback, and some apps will allow high-resolution listening on iPhones.
  • Tablets: You can listen to hi-res music on your tablet. Simply look for hi-res compatible models.
  • Portable music players: Certain portable players are designed specifically for playing hi-res music. They are equipped with more storage space to accommodate the larger files and usually provide better sound quality than other devices such as smartphones.
  • Desktop: You can listen to hi-res music through your desktop. Just be sure to choose software that supports hi-res. For example, Apple iTunes does not support hi-res. It’s likely you’ll need to buy additional music software to enjoy this level of sound through your desktop.
  • DAC: A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) provides a boost in your sound quality. Plug this into your music source, to convert the sound as it travels from your device to your headphones, for improved listening experiences.
  • Systems: Of course, many systems available at home audio stores in Chicago offer the ability to play hi-res audio. You can even convert vinyl to hi-res audio files using some systems. If you’d like to set up a premier hi-res listening system in your home or office, consult with the experts at Quintessence Audio LTD for optimal results.
  • Music streamers: Many music streamers offer hi-res listening. If you’re going to store a hi-res library on a network, you’ll definitely need a music streamer.

Learn more

Congratulations! You’re no longer a beginner when it comes to high-resolution audio. However, if you’d like to learn more or have questions about any of this content, feel free to contact the experts at Quintessence Audio LTD. For over 40 years, we’ve been the area’s go-to home audio store in Chicago. Locally owned and operated, we are dedicated to educating our customers and ensuring they enjoy the best system to match their listening style. Stop in or contact us today!

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