Which High-End Stereo Equipment Is Best for My Home?

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Which High-End Stereo Equipment Is Best for My Home?

When it comes to home audio systems in Chicago, you want nothing less than the best. After all, what’s more relaxing than listening to your favorite album on a set of world-class speakers in the comfort of your own home? It’s the perfect solution to forgetting about all the troubles of the day and simply unwinding.

But then the question is: Which stereo system is right for you? Two leading brands are Sumiko and Sonus Faber. These are favored by audiophiles across the world for their stylish design, rich suite of feature and, of course, their gorgeous sound. Whether you’re listening to a concert pianist or the latest pop hits, Sonus Faber speakers and Sumiko phono cartridges can fit your needs. Here’s a more in-depth look at these two premier brands.


This company was founded on its commitment to excellent quality and technological research and design. For almost four decades, Sumiko has been providing the finest products to discriminating audio enthusiasts across the globe, starting with their work in phono cartridges.

The two major lines of Sumiko products include the Oyster Series and the Reference Series. The Amethyst provides a primary example of what Sumiko is capable of. This is the company’s most ambitious moving magnet cartridge that delivers a nude Line-Contrast stylus and an upgraded generator assembly. This combination results in ultra-low noise, perfect dynamics and a recreation of the original recording that is incredibly accurate. The Amethyst also has the versatility to pair with nearly any phono on the market.

Whether you’re looking for powerful low end or rich and powerful vocals, there’s a Sumiko product designed for your needs.

Sonus Faber

Known as the “Artisan of Sound,” Sonus Faber’s speakers are second to none. The brand includes several collections to meet each listener’s interests. Take Lilium, which combines strength and grace with dynamics and melody. This set of speakers will provide amazing contrast that will make every recording shine brightly. In fact, Lilium won the 2017 Absolute Sound Editors’ Choice Award.

Another popular choice is Aida, speakers with beautiful, natural shapes derived from precise acoustic needs rather than mere aesthetics. Aida takes its name from Giuseppe Verdi’s grandiose opera and represents the pinnacle of Sonus Faber’s efforts.

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