Which High-End Home Stereo Equipment in Chicago Is Best for Me?

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Home audio systems in Chicago can prove to be a significant investment. If you want high-end sound and quality products, you have to be willing to spend a little extra cash. As you consider where to invest your dollars, you want to ensure that the equipment you choose is the best for your setting and needs.

How can you know which home stereo equipment in Chicago is best for you? Discovering the answer to this question can be particularly challenging when you are considering two high-end brands. Both seem to offer great quality, so which will be the better home audio system in Chicago for you? Use the following comparison of two leading brands, Sumiko and Sonus Faber, to determine which is best for your home.


This brand is one of the largest distributors of high-end stereo equipment in Chicago and all of North America. It is known for delivering high-quality products that offer high-tech designs and remains current with market trends.

Sumiko has a track record of success, providing home audio systems in Chicago for more than 30 years. If you’re looking for experience and reliability, Sumiko offers it.
The brand includes a full selection of high-end subwoofers to create the sound you desire. Options include products for small to large spaces and a variety of setups. They also offer wireless transmitters and receivers, for greater flexibility than is allowed by wired setups.

If you are a fan of vinyl, Sumiko might be the way to go for your home stereo equipment in Chicago. The brand offers a great selection of phono cartridges. They produce a long list of models that meet the needs of analog enthusiasts worldwide.

Sonus Faber

Known as the artisan of sound, this brand also offers high-end solutions for home audio systems in Chicago. Its wide range of products includes a subwoofer collection designed for powerful performance. Its iconic collection of speakers includes Homage Tradition and Sonetto Collections, as well as Aida, a loudspeaker that fuses tradition and innovation.

The wide variety of collections offers sub-categories to provide a nice selection of sizes, power and styles to suit every setting. From small spaces to large speakers, Sonus Faber has it all. With the array of options, you can customize your speakers to match your listening mode and your décor.

The company’s Italian roots are clearly seen in its beautiful style and impressive sound delivery systems. It offers a blend of elegance and technology that is a rare find among high-end home stereo equipment in Chicago.

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