How to Integrate Your Smart Speaker into Your Home Audio System

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Smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo Dot are all the rage these days. While the third generation of this popular device certainly provides superior sound compared to its predecessors, it’s still not quite likely to be what you’re accustomed to getting from a high-end device. In other words, it’s okay for listening to the news or buying stuff online, but less so for listening to your favorite music.

But it turns out that you can quickly and easily connect that device to an external speaker. For everyone using home audio systems in Chicago, it’s a snap to take that smart technology and hook it up with your top-of-the-line speaker system to show off your favorite music in all its glory, while still enjoying the convenience you’ve come to expect from today’s smart speakers.

Plug into an external speaker

One option is to simply use a standard 3.5 mm audio cable that includes male connections on each end. Plug one end of the cable into the speaker’s AUX IN port and the other into the Echo Dot’s AUX OUT connection, which is located near the power cable. Then, when you turn on the speaker, it will relay the sound from the Echo Dot. This is a low tech and reliable solution that’s easy to use.


Another option is to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. This adds convenience, as you won’t need to have the Echo and the speaker system right next to each other. It also means you won’t have to untangle cables every time you want the two devices to connect.

Once you have the right speaker, put the speaker into pairing mode. Then use the Alexa app on your smartphone or other device, tap the icon for Devices, then choose Echo and Alexa. Choose Pair New Device and then select the speaker. From there you can choose the device name that you want to pair with. Now every time the speaker will show up in the list of devices on the Alexa app and the sound from the Dot will be pumped through the Bluetooth speaker.

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