Here’s Why a Professional Should Always Set Up Your Hi-Fi System

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Even the most ardent audiophile will admit that installing a hi-fi system in Chicago is a huge undertaking. You can’t just pull your speakers out of the box, plug them in and start pumping audio through them! By this same token, connecting everything through a receiver, getting the sound quality balanced, adjusting the range and more are all a time-consuming, highly precise process.

Leave It to the Pros

The very best thing you can do for yourself and your hi-fi system is to let a professional undertake the installation job. You might be reluctant to put your multi-thousand-dollar speakers and equipment into someone else’s hands, but the truth is that hi-fi specialists are extremely responsible in their approach. You won’t have to worry about someone mishandling your tweeter or overloading your amp. These are well-trained experts, adept at dealing with surround sound systems in Chicago.

Here’s What You’ll Avoid

Still not convinced that a professional installation is the way to go? Take a look at the issues you’ll avoid when you put your hi-fi system into the hands of an expert:

  • Did you know your wall outlet might not be sufficient to safely power your hi-fi system? That’s right! You might need to upgrade to a better outlet—one that prevents voltage spikes and power interruptions that might otherwise damage your equipment. Power conditioning is a good first step before any installation.
  • Also critical before equipment installation is the configuration of a power conditioning box. The boxes not only regulate power to your components, they also come equipped with backup batteries to prevent outage failures. Setting them up is a critical early step.
  • After power conditioning, a professional will take care of all cabling. This is a time-consuming process that involves choosing the right cables, mapping cabling throughout the room, connecting all components and hiding cabling.
  • Next comes speaker placement, which is as much a science as an art. The acoustics of your room need to be understood, with speakers positioned for ideal sound wave propagation. Similarly, if the acoustics need adjustment, a professional will take the time to help you understand better placement for speakers or room layout.
  • Following apt speaker placement comes the actual hookups. Getting everything wired, installed and working properly is a critical culmination to the work up to this point. And, it’s a process that requires delicate care.
  • After everything is installed and wired, there’s the all-important sound testing phase. This is crucial for getting the absolute best out of your surround sound systems in Chicago. A professional will have the tools and the trained ear to balance your levels and ensure good wave propagation and tone.

Now, you could do all this yourself… but it’s liable to take the better part of an entire weekend, and you might get stuck more than once or twice in trying to make everything work. Sometimes, it’s just best to kick back and let the pros do it. With a trained professional handling your sound system setup, you’re guaranteed quality results!

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