The Science Behind the Relaxing Effects of Music

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At Quintessence Audio LTD, we are huge fans of all types of music. And as the premier providers of home audio installation in Chicago, we are dedicated to helping people everywhere experience music in its richest, fullest quality.

Music speaks to us in many different ways, and we bet you’ve experienced one way we’re thinking of: relaxation. Have you ever put on one of your favorite songs and felt a feeling of intense peace and calmness wash over you? There’s actually a scientific explanation for this unique sensation, so read on to learn about three fascinating ways that music helps us relax.

Music is brain therapy

When you play a song that makes you feel relaxed, part of what’s actually happening is that the tones of the music are altering the speed of your brainwaves. This is similar to what happens when you undergo hypnotherapy or practice yoga—you feel a trance-like sensation that ultimately leads to all sorts of positive results, including easing headaches, depression, anxiety and much more.

Music lowers stress

If you’ve ever invested in custom home audio installation in Chicago, you already know how incredible it can feel to listen to your favorite song in its highest quality, with the best speakers and system to make it sound amazing. The fantastic physical sensation you get when you listen is also related to a lowering level of stress hormones.

You might have heard about “cortisol” before. This is a hormone that contributes to anxiety and overall stress in the body. When you listen to music you enjoy, cortisol levels are lowered, leading to improvement in many areas, such as better sleep and lowered anxiety and stress in other areas of life. In fact, music has such a powerful stress-relieving effect that many surgeons play music in the operating room to help patients relax.

Music encourages happiness

Putting on a great song can also trigger the release of a neurotransmitter called “dopamine,” which can help you feel excited and happier. You are likely to experience an extra dose of this feeling when you play new music that you like, so try switching it up and exploring new artists and albums. A happiness boost can help you shed some of the stress of daily living, and have a more positive attitude about yourself and the world around you. This can also help you relax more on a regular basis.

What music is best?

Everyone’s musical tastes are different, so go with your gut on this one. Keep in mind that slower music is likely to help you feel a deeper sense of relaxation, while a faster tempo will encourage more enthusiasm and happiness.

If you really want to relax to the max, invest in professional home audio installation in Chicago. Listening to music through superior speakers will help you get the most of the experience, leading to the highest possible level of joy and relaxation. Give Quintessence Audio LTD a call today to learn more, or to schedule a consultation!

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