The Benefits of Surround Sound Equipment vs. a Soundbar

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If you are shopping for new home audio equipment, you want to consider what is best for you: a whole room surround sound system, or a soundbar that sits under your television? Let’s take a look at the benefits of surround sound equipment in Chicago as compared to a soundbar, as well as some of the differences between the two.

Differences between surround sound systems and soundbars

First, both surround sound systems and soundbars offer great sound, but each does have its own pros and cons. With only a few wires and being a single sound device, soundsbars are convenient and pretty simple to install. Surround sound systems, though most are wireless, still require wire hooked up from the main control unit to the TV, and have multiple sound devices (speakers and subwoofer) that need to be set up.

Soundbar disadvantages include its location under the TV, which can affect sound quality, and the fact that it doesn’t possess the ability to produce adequate surround sound for larger spaces. On the other hand, a surround sound system gives a full range of sound from wherever you have the speakers installed in the room. Surround sound works wonders in home theater rooms, and with the right equipment and setup, gives it a more theater-like feel. A slight con of surround sound is that the best quality system may need a wired connection running from the TV to the speakers, making installation not quite as easy as putting in a soundbar.

Before choosing a sound option, also consider the type of room and its layout. Rooms that are open and lacking doors may not benefit as greatly from surround sound because the sound can escape, or they may lack corners for remote speakers. In these cases, a soundbar works well to amplify a clear sound.

Some of the benefits of choosing a surround sound system include:

  • Versatility: Surround sound systems are versatile in that they are great for more than just watching what’s on the television and watching DVDs. You’ll get to enjoy sports games and other entertaining events more because of stadium-like sound and a front row seat from your own couch. Plus, listening to any type of music will be like being at a concert, but without the crowds.
  • Have sound where you want it: Remote surround sound speakers allow you to set up the direction of your sound exactly how and where you want it. Move them around until the sound is right and adjust the subwoofer to the right bass level for enjoyable audio.
  • Great sound quality: Today’s surround sound systems offer incredible sound. They provide rich tones, and you’re free to adjust both the bass and treble until they sound great together. And talk about clarity! With surround sound, you’ll hear every word the singer sings and each individual instrument being played.

Which option you choose—a surround sound system or a soundbar—ultimately depends on your sound needs and wants, and the size of the room where you want to install it. Contact us at Quintessence Audio LTD about our surround sound equipment in Chicago, or to find out about our installation services.

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