What Your Home Audio Equipment in Chicago Might Be Lacking

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If something doesn’t sound right with your audio system, you can usually tell right away. If you sense that your home audio equipment in Chicago is missing something, here are a few subtle ways that you can make improvements.

Speaker uniformity

When you are watching something that is shifting the surround sound through all of your speakers, you want the transfer to happen seamlessly so that your immersive viewing or listening experience goes undisturbed. Using a variety of different speaker brands that naturally have differing sound qualities could end up fracturing your experience. Ideally, you would want to purchase a full set of speakers so that you can be certain about their compatibility with each other, but this is not always the most cost-effective option.

What you can do instead is gradually start to replace your existing speakers with your preferred speaker brand at a rate that is a good match for your budget. If you opt to go this route, start with the front left speaker and work around to the right and center channels, continuing until you have upgraded your system to the brand that you prefer, creating a consistent audio experience in your home.

Invest in a quality subwoofer

If you really want to take your home audio experience to the next level, investing in a quality subwoofer is the best way to do just that. A good subwoofer can do a great job of masking some of the weaknesses that might exist in other areas of your sound system by producing the low frequency sounds that add depth to the music you are listening to or the movies you are viewing with surround sound audio. With the right subwoofer, you will be able to enjoy the full range of sounds that your entertainment has to offer, enriching your entire experience.

Don’t forget about the center channel

While the subwoofer gives you a wider overall range of sounds, the center channel is where the vast majority of the dialogue from movies, shows and sporting events resides. Think about all of the times you have had movie night at your house and have missed whole portions of the movie because of your friends’ and family’s running commentary throughout the picture. While these colorful observations can add to the fun of watching a movie with a group, you might be missing bits and pieces of important discussions throughout the show or movie. In order to experience all aspects of the movie, from the dynamic sound effects to the important conversations, a quality center channel will be critical.

If you are ready to take your home audio equipment in Chicago to the next level, pay a visit to the experts at Quintessence Audio Ltd. Offering high quality audio systems since 1977, we are serious about helping make sure that you have everything you need to create the most consistent, enjoyable listening and viewing experience possible. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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