Look to the Future: Invest in High End Audio Systems in Chicago for Your Home Today

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Back in the day, home audio systems were bulky, had too many wires and were sometimes even downright ugly—not to mention expensive. And that painful static sound—you know, the sound it made when the stringy radio antenna pointed to a dead zone—still haunts your dreams nightly. It’s a good thing modern systems are more reliable and better suited for a listener’s needs. On that note, if you are a fan of music, then you should seriously consider what the audio industry has to offer now, as well as what’s coming further down the road.

Let’s take a look at why today’s high end audio systems in Chicago are such a good investment—particularly in comparison to products that were new 10 to 20 years ago:

  • Installation is easier than ever: The hope for new technology is that it will become increasingly easier to install and configure. In the past, home audio systems had to be strategically planned out to avoid problems like wire tangles, bad reception areas and buying equipment that did not match the rest of the room. Today, installation is easier than ever before, as long as you invest in quality audio equipment.
  • Equipment is user friendly: Usability is by far one of the most important traits people want in an audio system. When pre-matched surround sound systems really started coming into homes across America several decades ago, manufacturer instructions were often difficult to follow and there were too many loose components to attach, which was the responsibility of the consumer. Luckily, new technology brings with it products that are more ready-to-use than not.
  • Cost to own is more affordable: Like most first-generation technologies, home audio systems came into the spotlight with a hefty price tag. Also hitting customers in the wallet was a go-big-or-go-home mentality. If you wanted the best, then you had to pay for it—so you bought every piece of equipment said to make the system fully functional. And since smartphones and laptops were not yet a thing, the only option you had to operate the sound equipment was buying detached extras—such as remote controls, keyboards or touch pads. Nowadays, technology is more affordable, as well as smaller and in complete packages so there’s no real need to spend more money on extras.
  • Streaming services are here to be taken advantage of: As an older adult, you are likely familiar with cassette tapes and CDs. These are the things that we copied, burned or downloaded our music onto. Today, all you need to listen to your favorite music is a good quality audio system, Internet connection and a downloaded music (or movie) streaming service.

Goodbye, giant wooden box speakers and miles of wire! Hit the road, flat treble and excessive bass! We may not know exactly what the future holds for sound technology, but it’s a fact that today’s high end audio systems in Chicago are getting comfortable in the homes of music lovers of all ages. Need help boosting your sound? Come in to Quintessence Audio Ltd., your premier source for high-end audio equipment!

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