Six Reasons to Seek Help from a Home Audio Store in Chicago

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When you think of someone paying a visit to a home audio equipment store, you assume they are doing so to buy a new surround sound system or additional speakers. However, the staff at home audio stores can offer so much more than simply ringing up your stereo purchase at the register. They are knowledgeable in many aspects of the subject, which is why you should take full advantage to get the most out of your audio equipment.

It’s time to consider looking at audio stores in a new light, as being helpful from all angles. Here are six good reasons why you might want to seek help from a home audio store in Chicago:

  • You want better surround sound: So, you want premium sound when watching movies or streaming your favorite band. When changing the audio settings on your television or surround sound receiver no longer creates your ideal sound, it may be time for an equipment upgrade. Visiting a local home audio store is a good start to finding the right equipment for you.
  • Your troubleshooting skills are lacking: Although your surround sound system comes with a user’s manual that features a troubleshooting section, some problems may be too much for you to handle on your own. If this is the case, know you can probably talk to an audio store team member for help with troubleshooting issues. Call before hauling your equipment to a store location.
  • They can show you several products in one place: Going into a brick and mortar shop means you get to see all the products in person and try out the latest and greatest in home audio. A team member can provide demonstrations of the sound systems you are interested in, and can even show you to a closed room where you can test out the full range of sound the speakers offer.
  • Get in person equipment recommendations: Let’s say you’ve never owned a home audio system, or it has been a while since you upgraded your current system. Seeking advice from knowledgeable in-store employees is your best bet for going home with the surround sound of your dreams. Simply tell them what your audio likes and dislikes are, and wait for a stream of equipment recommendations to come your way.
  • Get installation advice: The term “surround sound” means just that—sound that surrounds the listener. That means the speakers and subwoofer should be set up in a certain way so as to provide the best all-around sound in a room. You can ask a store for installation advice, or walk around and take note of the mock home theater displays for a visual of what proper room setup looks like.
  • Schedule an installation service: Maybe you don’t have the patience needed to install a surround sound system. With professional installation services, you can save time and headaches, and avoid damaging your new equipment.

If you’re in the market for a new surround sound for your home theater room or shopping around for replacement audio equipment, look no further than Quintessence Audio Ltd. We are proud to be your go-to home audio store in Chicago!

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