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Whether you are in the market for a first time audio setup to install in your living room or a new surround sound system to make your home theater space shine, you should know that the equipment itself isn’t the only important thing to consider. Of course, you want to get quality audio products, but speaker placement is also a huge factor. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the know about this necessary piece of the puzzle. The placement of your surround sound speakers will impact your listening experience for better or worse.

Let’s look at some helpful tips for where to place your home audio equipment in Chicago to achieve the most ideal sound.

Center speaker

As its name implies, the center speaker goes in the center of the setup. For this reason, it’s best to find the right placement for the center speaker first. Decide if you want it to go above or below your television, then make sure it lines up with the middle of the screen. Either way, if the speaker is much lower or higher than your head when seated, adjust it by tilting it up or down until it points toward the main seating area.

Front speakers (left and right)

First, the height placement of the front left and right speakers is important. The tweeters—the parts of the speaker that supply high frequency sounds—need to line up with your ear when you’re in an ideal seated position. Place them on either side of the TV; each should be equidistant from the center speaker. These three speakers should create an invisible triangle that points at your favorite sitting spot.

Surround sound speakers

From your desired listening position, look for spots to the left and right to place the surround sound speakers. For example, a speaker will go on either side of a couch facing toward you and above ear level when you’re seated. If there is no room at the sides, place them a little behind the area instead.


Subwoofers provide low frequency sounds, which makes them omni-directional. Because of this, you have more room placement options. However, the most common place for a subwoofer is at the front of a room. It’s easier to run cables and wires when the subwoofer is close to its power source. You could also put it next to a wall for controlled bass or in a corner for louder bass.

All in all, these equipment placement suggestions will likely leave you with the best sound possible. However, since this kind of setup is for an ideal room situation, following these tips to the letter may not work for everyone. But you should try to get as close as you can—or call a professional audio installation expert for setup assistance.

Now that you have a better idea of how to arrange your home audio equipment in Chicago, you can go buy the pieces that will work best in the room of your choosing. For questions or help selecting top quality audio products, call or visit Quintessence Audio Ltd. Also, you’ll be happy to know that we offer home delivery and professional setup for all our superior products!

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