Six Simple Tips for Installing Home Audio Equipment in Chicago

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A good sound system is a must-have for every movie fan and music lover. Because with clear, balanced sound, you can enjoy whatever it is you are listening to without having to struggle to make out the words or lyrics. Don’t go another day with bad audio—if your sound seems off lately, then it may be time to invest in new audio equipment. Of course you want to buy the best system for your needs, but first, make sure to plan everything out beforehand so you can start using your new audio setup as soon as possible.

Now, let’s take a look at six simple tips for installing home audio equipment in Chicago:

  • Choose the right location: Whether you are installing an entirely new surround sound system or just new speakers, a subwoofer or audio control unit, you need to know exactly where you want to put it. This step can be as simple as choosing the room it will be used in or, if you have the equipment in front of you, use it as a visual for prime speaker and subwoofer placement.
  • Check your power outlets: Most new audio systems today don’t require a lot of power, but depending on the kind of audio equipment setup, you might need two power outlets or several. This is why it’s important to check the number of outlets in your chosen installation location before getting started. While newer homes are fitted with many power outlets, older homes tend to have fewer. A quality surge protector is a good option if you find yourself needing more power.
  • Make sure you have all the parts: When you bring your audio equipment home, be sure to check that all the pieces are there. It would be irritating to get halfway through the installation process only to discover you’re missing vital components.
  • Take the time to learn proper use: If you aren’t tech savvy, reading the instruction manual or following onscreen prompts (for television sound systems) is your best bet for learning how to use the equipment properly. No one likes to play guessing games—especially when all you want to do is get the music started.
  • Teach others how to use it: Once you’ve taught yourself how to use your new audio equipment, show others in the household as well. Better yet, learn together in a single sit-down session. Knowing proper use prevents both equipment damage and user frustration.
  • Keep the instructions: After installing your new sound system and learning to use all its functions, put the instruction manual in a safe place—preferably in a folder with your other manuals. You may be set up and good to go now, but it’s always helpful to have a reference guide for future troubleshooting.

Although these tips are targeted more toward DIY installers, they can also be applied to professional installation jobs. Knowing where you want to put your sound equipment is a great start—then call us at Quintessence Audio Ltd. to learn more about home audio equipment in Chicago. Contact us today!

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