How to Prepare for Professional Home Audio Installation in Chicago

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If you are a fan of music or movies, then having a quality audio system installed in your home is one of the best investments you can make. For one thing, quality sound can make or break your and your guests’ enjoyment. No one likes to hear the crackling sound of an old stereo’s loose connections trying to hold itself together, or the radio intermittently cutting in and out because of a dated signal sensor. As for watching movies, super clear, properly balanced surround sound speaker audio will make you never want to go out to the movie theater again!

Are you ready to build your dream surround sound setup? Let’s take a look at what you should do to prepare for professional home audio installation in Chicago:

  • Choose an audio system: You don’t need to be familiar with home sound equipment brands. As long as you have a general idea of what components and features you want—like surround sound speakers, auto volume, a subwoofer, a radio function, TV hookups, etc.—your local audio dealer can help you out.
  • Know where you want it hooked up: Do you want your new sound system installed in your living room, bedroom, home theater room or even outdoors? Knowing where you want the audio to go well in advance will help you better prepare for the installer’s arrival.
  • Know how you want to use it: Home audio can be used on more than just music players. Some people want better audio for their stereo system, while others are on a quest to make the room shake during movies or video game playing. So, if you want a home audio installation in Chicago for your theater room, you might want to consider getting surround sound with the works.
  • Communicate with the company: Communication is key when you’re expecting an installer. You might want to clarify important things—such as whether the equipment you’ve chosen will indeed work for your needs, and the total equipment costs and service fees. Ask all your questions beforehand to avoid a holdup on your appointment day. Also, confirm your appointment the week before and again the day before.
  • Clean and de-clutter the area: The quickest way for the installer to get to work on installing your new sound system is for him or her to have a clear path leading to where you want the installation to go. Clean the area and remove all clutter before they arrive, and they should be able to begin working immediately.
  • Keep kids and pets out: Make sure your kids and pets are secured in another room or send them to a friend’s house during the appointment time. This ensures everyone’s safety and eliminates distractions.

Whether you want to create a home theater room or upgrade your stereo sound system for prime entertainment, there’s no better investment than a new home audio installation in Chicago. Luckily, the experts at Quintessence Audio LTD can help you select the right setup for your home. Call us anytime with questions or to set up an installation appointment time!

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