How to Spot an Unauthorized Focal Dealer

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Focal is a name that resonates in the world of high end audio systems the way Mercedes resonates in the world of high end automobiles. Produced in France, Focal speakers are known not only for their luxury, but for their quality, innovative technology and beauty as well. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that a Focal speaker is a work of audio art.

As a dealer of high end audio systems in Chicago, we are proud to be one of only a few authorized Focal dealers worldwide. Focal doesn’t allow just anyone to sell their products, so we consider it a privilege to be able to offer Focal as an option to our clients. However, as with any high end brand, there are always some unauthorized dealers trying to sell knock-off versions at a discounted price. Unfortunately, most people find out too late that if you buy a Focal product from an unauthorized dealer, it is usually refurbished or a fake, and it is not covered by any of Focal’s warranties. So how do you spot an unauthorized dealer? Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Old or obsolete products: One of Focal’s driving forces behind their product line is innovation. They are constantly reinventing their products. If you find a store selling Focal products that are old or obsolete, chances are good that these are refurbished items or were purchased from a third party for resale by an unauthorized dealer. If you’re not sure, look for the item on the product section of Focal’s website. If the product is no longer on the website, you’re probably dealing with an unauthorized retailer.
  • Defaced products: Some unauthorized dealers may go so far as to try and pass off other brands of speakers as Focal products. One way to check is to look for a serial number on the product. All Focal products have serial numbers. If the serial number cannot be found or looks like it was tampered with, the product you are looking at is most likely a fake. You should also check the packaging and logos. If anything seems off, don’t make the purchase.
  • Misrepresentations: If a website for a store advertises a particular Focal product, but you go in and they say they are out of stock or show you a different product, this is called a bait and switch. The store is basically using Focal’s brand name to get you into their store so they can try and sell you other products or knock-off versions. Don’t buy it. If they misrepresented their products, they are most likely misrepresenting their affiliation with Focal.

Focal is passionate about their line of products, so they don’t let just anyone present their products to the public. As a dealer of high end audio systems in Chicago, we’re proud to be one of only a few authorized Focal dealers. If you go to Focal’s website, you’ll see us listed there, because we do everything we can to be able to offer only the best to our clients!

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