The Importance of Quality Speakers: What Our “High Priced Competitors” Don’t Tell You

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“You get what you pay for” is a saying that is as old as time, and one that’s shockingly true for a variety of products. For example, in theory, one could say that all cars are the same. All cars have engines, tires, gears, brakes, doors, windshields, etc. The difference comes in the quality of the components the manufacturer uses and the way the car is made. This same principle can be applied to high end audio systems in Chicago. A high end audio system will probably cost more, but it will be made out of better parts. The high end speaker will sound better and is bound to impress all of your houseguests. However, just because a brand costs more, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better product.

How does a speaker work?

Just as all cars are (technically) made the same, all speakers (technically) work in the same way. All speakers do is move air. When you listen to music out of a speaker, an alternating current runs through a coil of wire to the speaker. That current turns the coil into an electromagnet, creating a magnetic field between the coil and a permanent magnet in the speaker itself. That alternating current moves the air while emanating the delightful voice of your favorite artist.

What’s the difference between cheap and expensive systems?

Since the principle is the same for all speakers, why do high end audio systems in Chicago cost more than your $10 computer speakers? The answer is fairly simple, really. High end systems have multiple speakers in the unit that produce a range of different tones. High end systems have speakers for high notes, mid-notes and bass notes. The different speakers in a high end audio system will produce a crisper sound than one cheap speaker is able to. This is why, before you go out and buy the most expensive system on the market, it’s wise to do your homework.

Let the buyer beware

The most expensive audio systems aren’t always of the highest quality. There are some brands out there that advertise being “the best.” But in reality, their products are pretty low quality for what you’re paying. The reason big brands charge more is because they can! They know that an average Joe will see an ad on TV and go out and buy their expensive system without knowing there are other, better brands. Unfortunately, many of our high priced competitors reinforce this bad behavior, as they are more than willing to sell their customers an inferior product at a higher cost to increase their profit margins.

Come visit our store!

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