From Setup to Home Audio Equipment in Chicago: Must-Have Elements to Make Your Home Theater Functional

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Some people like to put a TV in an open family room layout, while others prefer an entirely separate room dedicated specifically to digital entertainment. Whether you want an area for a more comfortable family movie night or watching the game with your friends, if you’re the type who wants a true home theater setup, read on as you get ready to design your ideal home theater space.

From setup to home audio equipment in Chicago, here are a few elements to consider to make your home theater as functional as possible.

A big screen television

Now that you’re moving forward on that home theater room you’ve always wanted, it’s time to go big screen TV shopping! The TV will literally be the focal point of the room and, therefore, must live up to or surpass the expectations of what you and everyone thinks a home theater should be. You’re looking for a flat screen, tall and wide, with high-definition picture and sound capable of mesmerizing you, your family and other viewers all weekend long. Remember to measure the entertainment cabinet opening or wall space where you plan to put the new television before making your selection.

Surround sound speakers

One of the main reasons for setting up a home theater room is for better sound in an enclosed space. Instead of losing some amount of sound, as you would watching a movie out in the open living room, you’ve got four walls keeping the sound in. So even though a brand new flat screen TV probably comes with pretty decent built-in speakers, go the extra mile and get yourself quality home audio equipment in Chicago to match—like a premium surround sound speaker system.

Go for a set of wireless speakers for a clean setup—otherwise, make sure to hide wires from sight and to prevent them from becoming a trip hazard. And don’t forget to hook up your game systems and DVD or Blu-ray players to it, too.

Theater room furniture

Since you invested a lot of time, effort and money into making your dream of owning a personal theater room a reality, you want to make sure you don’t skimp on any aspect of the space—and this includes the furniture. Sure, you can furnish it like you would your living room, but this is a prime opportunity to shop for nice leather seating, a coffee table-ottoman combo and a built-in bar. But let’s talk a little more about seating…

Between plush recliners fitted with cup holders, an L-shaped couch as the main place to sit and cushioned folding chairs at the ready as backup, keep in mind that ample and varied seating is key to bringing the room together. Furnish your theater with the best you can afford for years of movie enjoyment.

Now that you’re ready to get the essentials needed to create the perfect home theater room, look no further than Quintessence Audio LTD, your premier local source for surround sound systems and other quality home audio equipment in Chicago. Give us a call today!

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