Advice from a Surround Sound Installer in Chicago: Ways to Add Speakers Without Creating a Cluttered Look

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Whether you want better sound for your home sound system or more sound coming from your big screen TV, you simply can’t go wrong with new speakers for a super crisp sound like you’ve never heard before. When researching speakers, take a look at surround sound sets complete with a subwoofer and multiple speakers of various sizes to install around a room. Let’s say you do treat yourself to a brand new set of surround sound speakers—wires or no wires, a single speaker or several, make sure you properly incorporate them into the room.

That said, here’s some advice from a surround sound installer in Chicago with ways to add speakers to your home without creating a cluttered look:

  • Run wires along the baseboards: Since modern speaker wires are typically thin and flat, and not as thick and round as older wires, it’s not too difficult to run them along the rooms baseboards and behind doorways. You can tuck flat wires under the edge of the carpet that meets the bottom of the wall, or run wires along the surface of the baseboards (or behind them) for hardwood flooring. While wires may still be visible against the baseboards or slightly bumpy under carpeting, they are not as noticeable as free-laying cables.
  • Use crown molding to conceal wires: For folks who want to completely conceal surround sound speaker wires, crown molding offers a cover that both protects and looks good. Crown molding runs between the top of a wall and a ceiling as an aesthetic piece, and can be a great spot to hide wiring. Either get crown molding installed over wires or be careful removing it to slip wires behind it. Exposed cables running up the corners might be paintable to match the wall.
  • Get a sound bar: If you’re working with a limited space and a full surround sound system is not in the cards, consider trying out a sound bar instead. Many bars on the market today, with or without a subwoofer, can satisfy that surround sound itch in a single front speaker instead of requiring that multiple speakers be installed at the front and back of a room. There’s no need to run wires all over the place with a quality sound bar, and most are quite simple to install.
  • Go wireless: To avoid having wires running every which direction, go for a “wireless” setup. It’s wireless in the sense that the speakers don’t need a cable connecting them and the subwoofer—this lets you place speakers anywhere. Although many “wireless” systems require speakers to be near power outlets, cable clutter and trip hazards are eliminated.

Hiding speaker wires under flooring or along walls or ceiling molding can be a more difficult job than it seems. If you are unsure how to install your new or used speakers or have related questions, don’t hesitate to contact an expert surround sound installer in Chicago at Quintessence Audio LTD for assistance. You new surround sound system awaits!

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