Tips for Backyard Home Audio Equipment in Chicago

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Summer is here, and with it come outdoor parties and barbecues. If you are planning a big get‑together over Labor Day weekend, bringing your music to the outdoors is likely a tempting plan. However, when you bring the sounds of your home audio equipment in Chicago to your backyard, there are elements you must consider that were probably not relevant when you invested in your indoor setup. Here are five of them:

  • Use outdoor speakers: Speakers from a previous indoor sound system are not going to stand up to outdoor elements. You risk electric shock as well as damage to the speakers if a sudden rainstorm occurs. Outdoor speakers are made to be waterproof, and if you opt for wired instead of wireless, these wires are made to be buried in the ground. Your indoor equipment is unlikely to stand up to these conditions, so only use equipment that is designed to live outside.
  • Check your local rules: Your neighborhood rules and regulations may not allow outdoor sound systems. It would be a disappointing and expensive mistake if you install a new system only to receive a warning letter later. There may also be noise ordinances that limit the hours during which you can enjoy your sound system. Once you review these limitations, it may not be worth it to install these features. However, it is better you know now rather than after you make the investment. If you find the limits are tolerable, go ahead and prepare to enjoy music outside.
  • Include separate volume controls: If you are attaching the outdoor speakers to your indoor stereo system, you do not want to limit volume control to the main unit. You want to be able to control the system outdoors as well as indoors. Sound will carry differently in your yard, and you are more likely to disturb your neighbors if you do not adjust volume from the outside. Also, if someone complains, you will be able to reduce the volume immediately.
  • Consider speaker location: Your speaker placement choices will make a big difference between living in peace with your neighbors or becoming the local disturbance. If you have a pool or large outdoor living room, you may need to limit your enjoyment to daylight hours. However, if you have an enclosed porch or smaller area where you wish to listen to your music, it will be easier to keep sound from carrying too far. Sound also carries farther when you mount speakers. Do not install them higher than 10 feet, or everyone in the neighborhood will know your musical tastes.
  • Mount speakers securely: Another issue that arises with outdoor sound systems is speaker mounting. Avoid drilling into siding. This almost guarantees your speakers will come crashing down and damage that section of your home. Your gutters are another bad place for speaker mounting—stick with solid wood or masonry. If you are not sure that your speakers can mount securely, get ground speakers. Some are disguised as rocks or wood pieces so they blend into your yard better.

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