What Can a Certified Dealer Do to Improve Your Shopping Experience?

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What’s your sound system level of expertise? A you a full-blown audiophile or is the term “surround sound” intimidating? Whatever your current comfort level, you can benefit from the professional knowledge of your home audio store in Chicago. Experts will help you determine what items will be best for your space and style of listening. They consider the following to make the best recommendations:

  • Movies vs. music: Which will you be using the system for the most? It is not true that sound is sound. If you will be listening to music, this output has different requirements than that of movies. Depending on which you will be listening to more, you should gear your system’s performance toward the mix of sound needed for that media. Movie soundtracks have a wide range. They are produced in multichannel sound, while music is typically stereo. A quick consultation with a certified dealer will allow you to discover which system is best for you.
  • Evaluation of your space: Your home audio store in Chicago can help you examine the room for which you will be purchasing your audio system. A survey of this space will tell you many things about the type and size of speakers and other equipment you should purchase. For example, if your room is 700 square feet or larger, consider buying full-size, full-range speakers. For smaller spaces, a satellite/subwoofer system and an affordable receiver will be enough for a decent home theater setup.
  • Top brands: Who is producing the best-quality products? A certified dealer stays up to date with the latest trends and products. They can tell you which brands to trust and which ones to avoid. In some cases, it might benefit you to combine different brands to create a system made up of the best products from more than one manufacturer. This inside information can be essential to setting up the best combination for your space.
  • Great deals: It benefits your home audio store in Chicago to give you a better deal than you could get on your own. While finding you the highest quality products, your trusted professionals provide equipment at the right price. Keep in mind, however, that you get what you pay for. Seeking industry-leading brands at bargain basement prices doesn’t mix well. Know that your local experts will provide you with the best deal possible, without sacrificing quality.
  • Professional Q&A: Stopping in at your local big box store and asking technical questions about a speaker system will probably not turn out well. You’re likely to get vague answers, incorrect information or no answers at all. Why shop with anyone but the experts? Consult a certified dealer at your trusted home audio store in Chicago to get the answers you need for the best home entertainment possible.

It’s simple. If you want professional-level knowledge, ask an expert. Where can you find one?  At Quintessence Audio LTD, highly-trained and knowledgeable pros are available to answer all your questions. This trusted home audio store in Chicago will help you choose the best equipment and set you up with the system of your dreams.

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