Speakers: A Key Element of Home Audio Systems in Chicago

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Are you a connoisseur of sound? Do you want your audio system to rival that of the best downtown theaters? Are you unsure how to make that happen? One of the key elements of assembling the best home audio systems in Chicago is speaker selection. What you choose and how you choose to set it up will greatly affect the ultimate sound you experience. Keep the following in mind as you purchase and set up your home audio system.

What do you plan to listen to?

Will you be rocking to your favorite tunes? One pair of speakers is probably all you need. If you won’t be listening for extended periods of time, and simply want background music, two bookshelf speakers or in-wall speakers are a great solution. On the other hand, if you want an extreme music experience, a pair of monitors or floor-standing speakers is more appropriate.

Are movies more your thing? General TV and movie watching can be enhanced by a soundbar or soundbar and wireless subwoofer combination. If you prefer surround sound, a full system may be in order. In that case, the next question becomes even more important.

Where will you be listening?

The size and arrangement of a room greatly determine what types and size of speakers are best for your listening entertainment. First, consider the size of your room. How far will the sound need to travel, including ceiling height? Second, look at the enclosure of the room. Is it open? Large speakers don’t do well in closed-in rooms. The sound becomes thick and unclear. On the other hand, if your room is a huge, open space, a small speaker may not cut it.

Furniture is also an important factor. Will your speakers be placed inside a cabinet? If so, avoid too much bass. In fact, avoid placing a subwoofer inside any cabinet. Is your TV in a corner? Floor-standing speakers on each side aren’t the best option. Consider bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer.

What is the overall look and feel of your space?

Lastly, consider the materials and décor of your room. Is it filled with hard surfaces that will reflect the sound? Do an echo test from the middle of your room by clapping your hands. Do you hear an echo? You can add furniture, drapes or carpeting to tone down the sound, or consider adding your speakers to a different room. Whatever room you choose, be sure your speakers enhance and don’t detract from the décor. Speakers do not have to be ugly. Furniture-grade finishes for speakers can work nicely with your current scheme.

Who should you consult for superior sound?

Are you ready to upgrade your listening experience? For expert knowledge of home audio systems in Chicago, contact the pros at Quintessence Audio LTD. Whether you are looking for a simple set of speakers or a full-fledged surround sound system for your home theater, we will help you choose the best options for your listening pleasure. Your speaker experience will never be the same.

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