Tweeter Shapes: Cone vs. Dome

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For the uninitiated, a tweeter is the component of your speaker that produces higher frequency audio, like vocals and horns. Tweeters are the opposite of woofers, which produce low frequency audio, like base guitar riffs. A proper tweeter also distributes the audio so the song sounds like it’s coming from all around you. Since you obviously want to get the most out of your speakers, you’ll need to have a proper tweeter for your home audio equipment in Chicago.

Did you know there are many different types of tweeters? Two of the more popular types are cone tweeters and dome tweeters. The tweeter you choose to install depends on what kind of speakers you’re using, where you’re installing your speakers and (sometimes most importantly) how much you’re willing to pay.

Cone tweeters

Cone tweeters are often used in factory car speakers. The way they’re set up doesn’t allow for very wide sound dispersion, which isn’t a big issue in a confined area like a car. Cone tweeters are usually made out of paper. Typically cone tweeters are less expensive, and you guessed it: produce lower quality audio than a dome tweeter.

Dome tweeters

Dome tweeters are more likely to be used in your home audio equipment in Chicago because they typically provide better, wider sound distribution. The wide sound distribution will give you a larger sweet spot to work with when you’re setting up your sound system. Because of this, sound experts seem to prefer dome tweeters over cone tweeters. Dome tweeters for home audio are usually made out of plastic, or fabric, like silk or a silk-blend. Speaker companies are also starting to use aluminum and titanium for dome tweeters.

Semi-dome tweeters

The middle ground between a cone tweeter and dome tweeter is the aptly named semi-dome tweeter. Semi-domes are just a cone shaped tweeter with a built in dome inside. These tweeters, like their cone counterparts, are often found in lower end speakers.

How to choose

Making the right tweeter choice for your speaker can be a tough call. As was mentioned above, it depends on what kind of speaker you have, where the speaker is going, and how much you want to spend. If you have a speaker that doesn’t need a lot of power, you can get away with using a cone tweeter because it naturally provides high frequency amplification.

However, if you’ve got a huge home audio system set up in your basement, that’s going to require some serious power and a cone tweeter isn’t going to do your system any justice. If you don’t want to sacrifice sound quality, it’s a good idea to pony up the extra cash and pay for a quality dome tweeter.

No matter your tweeter preference or price range, Quintessence Audio LDT can meet and exceed all of your home audio equipment needs. Call us today at 847-966-4434 to find out what we can do for you. Feel free to stop in and speak with one of our sound experts to determine exactly what type of tweeter you need.

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