Why Buy From an Audio Dealer in Chicago?

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Buying high end audio in Chicago is a lot like buying a car (and many times just as expensive!). There are a wide variety of places to buy great audio equipment and depending on where you go, you’re going to have different options and benefits. One thing is for certain, however: when you do finally decide to make a purchase, you had better be confident in where you’re buying from!

So what are your options for buying high end audio, really? Let’s take a look at some of the places you’re likely to find hi-fi equipment for sale and what the pros and cons of buying from these places might be:

  • Manufacturer: Going direct to the manufacturer is never a bad idea when you have the option, but unfortunately, this is rarely an option. Hi-fi manufacturers like Sonos Faber, Pass Labs and Focal Audio don’t usually sell direct and instead, they’ll forward you to an authorized dealer. Buying direct is an ideal option, but not a viable one in most cases.
  • Dealers: This is the next best thing to buying direct. An authorized audio dealer in Chicago is going to have the consent of the manufacturer to sell quality brand name products, and is going to be knowledgeable in explaining these products to you. Moreover, if you have issues, they’ll be able to help you resolve them. The downfall here can be finding a reputable dealer—depending on the brand, they might be few and far between!
  • Private sellers: Private sellers are always an option for high end audio, but not necessarily the best option. You’re likely to find good deals on used equipment and might end up striking gold with a good find, but there’s almost no accountability in buying from a private seller unless you have a legal contract involved. Private sellers are not a good option to explore unless you know the person in some capacity.
  • Estate sales: Estate sales are curated and appropriated by appraisers, which are usually affiliated with a reputable organization or governing body. This makes them a great place to find high end audio that might’ve belonged to an estate that’s being liquidated! While it’s rare that hi-fi pieces will show up in an estate sale, they’ve been known to come up from time to time with great price tags on them! Simply put, you can find a great deal at an estate sale, but the likelihood that you will is slim to none.

When you consider the options above, your best bet is always going to be a reputable high end audio dealer in Chicago. Dealers will have the best products and the most sound buying process—sure, the price might be a bit higher, but when you look at the peace of mind you’re getting throughout the buying experience, it’s well worth that money.

If you’re in the market for hi-fi equipment, there are definitely options out there. Make your choice on where to purchase wisely!

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