Why Travel to Buy Home Audio Equipment in Chicago?

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If you live in rural Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan or somewhere else in the Midwest, you might be used to buying your audio equipment at one of your local stores. And if all you are looking for is a basic, reliable, run-of-the-mill sound system, then your local electronic store will probably do just fine.

But what if you are looking for truly high end home audio equipment? What if you dream of coming home every day and immersing yourself in a sea of flawless, wide-ranging sound? If this describes you, then you might need to travel a bit to find the best products. In fact, you might find yourself buying home audio equipment in Chicago.

For those who find themselves growing skeptical, read on to learn more about why traveling to buy home audio equipment in Chicago is almost always worth the trip.

Best of the best

Since 1977, Quintessence Audio LTD has been proudly serving the entire Chicago area. And because we know that not all audiophiles live in a big city, we are proud to also extend our service area throughout the Midwest.

On an almost daily basis, we encounter customers who have traveled to Chicago specifically to check out our selection, and they are rarely disappointed. That is because we stock a wide range of ultra high end products from the best brands in the industry, including but not limited to the following: Audio Research, Clearaudio, Dynaudio, Focal, Magico, Pass Labs, SimAudio and Sonus Faber.

Additionally, our staff is comprised of a small number of the most experienced and knowledgeable high end audio experts we can find. Here at Quintessence Audio LTD, we like to think of our business as being by and for audiophiles. Perhaps that is why we were named one of the top five audio dealers in the country back in 2012.

We know that traveling a long distance just to buy audio equipment can be a risk, which is why we strive to offer the most comprehensive selection and excellent service you will find anywhere in the Midwest and beyond.

Convenient delivery and installation

Beyond just offering a great line of audio products, Quintessence Audio LTD is proud to also offer the services that you need in order to get the most out of your surround sound system. We offer delivery and installation services throughout the Midwest, meaning that no matter where you hail from, you can count on us for an excellent purchasing experience, from beginning to end.

In an ideal world, audiophiles would have convenient access to high end audio equipment no matter where they lived. But if you live somewhere in the Midwest that does not have an excellent audio equipment store, know that Quintessence Audio LTD is just a drive or train ride away, and that we will handle the heavy lifting for you.

For more information on our products and services, please get in touch with Quintessence Audio LTD, your source for home audio equipment in Chicago and throughout the Midwest.

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