Seven Albums That Will Sound Great on Surround Sound Systems in Chicago

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Being an audiophile means that you appreciate quality of sound, often above all else. While tastes and preferences are still always going to be a factor, being an audiophile can often allow you to appreciate a wide range of different musical genres. Even if the music itself is not your cup of tea, the sound production of a particularly well-mixed album can be rewarding in its own right. With that in mind, we present this list of seven different music albums that will likely sound great on high quality surround sound systems in Chicago:

  • Abbey Road by The Beatles: The first of the Beatles’ albums to be originally released only in stereo, Abbey Road is most well known in the world of audiophiles for its use of the Moog synthesizer, a beloved analog tool that made its cultural debut at the Monterey International Pop Festival.
  • MTV Unplugged in New York by Nirvana: Live albums can be dicey, with the authentic feel often resulting in a loss of audio quality. Not so for this Unplugged classic, which gives you the feeling of being in the audience while still delivering stunning acoustic versions of some of Nirvana’s (and others’) biggest hits.
  • 2001 by Dr. Dre: With its sometimes-controversial lyrics, this album will not be for everyone. But the strong, deep-ranging beats, an anomaly in a time when most hip-hop albums relied on compression, make 2001 a standout in its field. Any audiophile who has even a passing respect for the genre ought to own a vinyl copy.
  • Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell: Joni Mitchell grew up in the flatlands of Canada, and has said her music was inspired by the region’s wide-open feel. That is certainly apparent when listening to Court and Spark, an album that is wide reaching, layered and always surprising with each replay.
  • Acoustic Research Demonstration Record: If there is one album that is truly an audiophile classic, this is it. Recorded with the sole aim of testing the range and depth of different audio equipment, Acoustic Research Demonstration Record has been helping folks determine the quality of their stereos and speakers since 1975.
  • Night Beat by Sam Cooke: Sam Cooke combined classic gospel music and rhythm and blues with the studio pop sound popular in the 1960s, and anyone who doubts his mastery of the form need only listen to Night Beat on a high quality stereo system.
  • XX by The XX: The most recent album on our list, this 2009 release was one of the most soulful, sleek and perfectly mixed albums of the last decade. When you slip this album onto your turntable, you will feel as if nothing exists in the room except you, the band and their instruments—and isn’t that the whole point of investing in surround sound systems in Chicago?

Whichever way your taste in music skews, you will be able to get the most out of every album when you check out the equipment selection at Quintessence Audio LTD, your local source for surround sound systems in Chicago.

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