How to Meet Other Appreciators of Ultra High End Audio in Chicago

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Being a connoisseur of ultra high end audio in Chicago can be a very rewarding, engaging and educational passion. Unfortunately, it can also sometimes be a bit of a lonely one. Enjoying high quality sound system products is most typically something does in one’s own home, and you are already lucky if your partner and family share the same appreciation for it that you do.

Finding others who are passionate about ultra high end audio in Chicago can be difficult, but it is also sometimes necessary to discover new products and methods, trade tips and ideas and just bond with people who have similar interests to you. If you are looking for some audiophile friends, consider the following methods:

  • Message boards: All you have to do is Google “high end audio discussion,” and you will be welcomed into an online world of audio enthusiasts such as yourself. These message boards are often a wellspring of honest product reviews, tips for audio newcomers and veterans alike and plenty of healthy audiophile debate. One drawback to message boards is that they are not often narrowed down by region, so you won’t necessary find fellow audio enthusiasts who live in your area. But on the bright side, you will find new friends from all over the world, meaning you will have recommendations for great audio shops for when you travel.
  • Meet-ups: If you are more interested in finding fellow audiophiles whom you can talk to and listen with in person, then you can still use the Internet as a productive starting point. Searching for “audiophile meet-ups” will likely turn up some results for your area. If there is no such thing for where you live, use a meet-up website to create a group of local audio enthusiasts yourself. You will likely meet some new friends who appreciate your initiative.
  • Audio stores: Any self-respecting audiophile spends plenty of time browsing the local stores, even if they are not planning to buy a new piece of equipment anytime soon. Next time you are at a store for ultra high end audio in Chicago, such as Quintessence Audio LTD, try striking up a conversation with a fellow regular patron. And if nothing else, our employees always love to talk earnestly about our products.
  • Record shops: Not every vinyl lover is an audio enthusiast, especially now that records and more low-end record players are seeing a revival in availability and popularity. But most record shops do have at least a few regulars who appreciate the finer points of high end audio. Head to a few local record shops and ask the employees if there are any audiophiles on staff, and you’ll likely find yourself someone to swap recommendations and warnings with.

All of us at Quintessence Audio LTD always appreciate talking ultra high end audio with our Chicago customers. We pride ourselves on being not only a source for great equipment, but also a major hub for the greater audiophile community. If you are interested, we hope you will stop in and see for yourself.

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