Why Your Business Needs High End Audio in Chicago

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High end audio products are not just for the home theater system in your abode. Businesses and offices can also benefit from having music playing in the background. From customer satisfaction to employee productivity, music proves to offer positive effects. Here is why you should consider high end audio in Chicago for your business as well.

Types of businesses that benefit

Retail stores, pubs and restaurants most frequently employ background music in their daily functions. However, research is revealing that these are not the only environments in which music offers advantages.

Health services are also starting to integrate music. Alternative health offices, like those who practice chiropractic, massage and acupuncture, long ago discovered the benefit of music to their patients. Now conventional medical offices are starting to install audio systems, too. Even managers of formal office environments consider music an advantage and install sound systems through their premises.

Usually, the only tricky part is deciding on a station and ensuring that the proper licensing for the music is secured first. The best way around this is to use a Spotify or Pandora account for your music stream. Choose music with no lyrics and respond to employee or customer feedback as you find the ideal station or mix.

Customer appeal

One result of embracing music in a business environment is customer appeal. According to a MusicWorks survey, consumers who visit a store spend more time inside one that plays music. They are also willing to pay five percent more for items when the retail establishment has music playing in the background.

Results are more dramatic when it comes to bars, restaurants and pubs. Over 90 percent prefer a bar that plays music and two thirds would not return to that venue if the music was turned off. Other definitive results arose with gyms and hair salons—80 percent of those customers also preferred places that played music.

This is not limited to establishments that exist for entertainment. Medical, law office and other business waiting rooms create more relaxed customers with music. Over three quarters of those surveyed said the music made their wait much easier.

Employee morale

Employees also report enjoying workplaces with music. Retail staff finds music improves their work environment and supports their productivity. They claim they interact with customers and feel more energetic, which will better support your bottom line. When music is turned off, they immediately feel less motivation.

Office workers state that they find it easier to get into a rhythm with their work when there is music playing. They also claim better morale and almost three quarters say they enjoy their workplaces much better. The businesses see increases in productivity and fewer sick days needed after they start a music program. Even factories discover music encourages efficiency and team bonding.

It is apparent that music and business are quite compatible. If you are looking to enjoy these benefits at your shop, office or manufacturing site, contact Quintessence Audio LTD to install high end audio in Chicago at your workplace. We can balance all of your concerns including noise control, employee access and even choosing the right streaming music service.

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